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Random film thought of the day…03.19.09

Hello World,

How many people out there know Robert Rodriguez?  How many people have seen his films?  OK, how many people own Once Upon a Time in Mexico?

If you have it, I suggest you watch the special feature entitled “10 Minute Film School”.  Its really worth your time.  In 10 minutes he explains how he was able to do more things digitally, in a short period of time, (and right from his own home) than could be done using other common methods.  He uses the phrase “work at the speed of thought” and shows you right there examples of what he’s talking about.  If that’s not cool, then I don’t know what is (plus he has near James Bond type cool electronics at his disposal which helps).

He takes you through his home studio, where his “flick” was “shot, cut and scored”.  Then by the end of it, if you aren’t ready to go make your own film, then I suggest watching it again.  The movie isn’t one of my favorites, but it was fun to watch and even more fun to learn about.   I have a lot of respect for Robert because you can tell he really cares about films, the process and the ultimate end result, we humble fans.  So Robert, thanks for helping bring us closer to how things work behind the scenes of the movies we love.

Also try watching his “10 Minute cooking school”…makes me wish I had a bigger kitchen:P