May the 4th Be With You…

Hello World, Marc Here:

As you probably already know today is May the 4th which leads Star Wars fans to effortlessly (and endlessly) utter “May the 4th Be With You” to everyone they meet. Hey, guilty as charged. Now while I would just love to get neck deep in a raving love letter to the SW universe (sans the prequels of course), I simply cannot. Not that I don’t love the happenings from “A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far, Far Away“, no, I just don’t have the time or the energy to do so:P

That said, on this hallowed day of geeky badassery, I’ll simply refer you to some interesting tidbits from and inspired by the SW universe. There aren’t that may but they’re all pretty sweet, enjoy.

Remember, The Force Will Be With You…and Han shot first. Always!

Total Film
has 18 Rare and never before seen shots during the making of Star Wars…

NY based artist Steve Bailik has recognized that Lucas borrowed from Kurosawa’s The Hidden Fortress and as such decided he would return the favor. The result? This and other sweet looking Star Wars based Samurai paintings. Click here to see the rest of his series.

Now this has been out for over a year but as they’re so well done they certainly bear repeating. Lucas himself spearheaded a project called Star Wars Visions featuring famous artists’ takes on Star Wars. Click here to see some of the best images in the collection.

Now what special SW day can be complete without a little humor? Little you ask?? Well how about not 1 but 2 90 minute hilarious reviews of Episode II and III?? Yeah, I thought that sounded good too. From RedLetterMedia, the genius who created the 90 minute reveiw of The Phantom Menace comes their Episode II and III follow-up reviews. So if you’ve got some time (specifically at work and with headphones) try these on for size as they’re sure to please. Here’s the first video of the Episode II review…(fyi: Part 7 is by far the best one)

Click here to see the rest of the series on YouTube…but FYI part 7 is by far the best. And since I’m so nice, here’s all 3 videos making up the full 90 minute Episode III review.

Now you might ask “can you be a Star Wars fan if you don’t like (read: loathe) the prequels?” The answer is YES. You can also be a fan even if you don’t dress up or know how many Ys are in Kaskyyyk (it’s 3). Star Wars’ universal appeal means that it’s for everyone to enjoy, even if Lucas makes a dime every time someone even thinks of Star Wars.

So make lightsaber sounds, open automatic doors like you have Force powers and whatever else you can think of. In celebration of the 4th I think I’ll watch the oh so brilliant Family Guy spoof episodes, that should tide me over until this weekend when I can watch the original trilogy uninterrupted…then again it’s Mother’s Day weekend. Gee, I hope my Mom likes Star Wars:) Happy 4th to you all! Any plans for this extra special Hump Day??


  • ruth

    I grew up around people who LOVE Star Wars and now my husband is a fan too, though not the die hard variety. I guess I appreciate the films and I actually think the prequels are ok (perhaps because I didn’t know much about the originals), though Hayden could act a bit better IMO.

    Btw, that Pfeiffer one of the SW Visions is pretty cool. Are those stones?? Not sure what it’s supposed to represent though.

      • rtm

        I have seen that one but can’t remember much of it. Is it something to do w/ Luke’s spaceship w/ Yoda? Just a wild guess here… don’t laugh at me 😀

        • MarcC

          Ruth, you should stick to TD, Gerry and Merchant Ivory picture films. Leave the sci-fi to us:P