Now Hear This…The ‘Cinema Code of Conduct’

How many times have you been in a theater trying to enjoy a film and find the less than optimal environment is unrelenting? Yup more than I can count as well. But fear not film fans, you’re not alone in and the UK Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo (the former is a film critic the later a radio presenter) have enacted a Cinema Code of Conduct to keep theaters as distraction free as possible.

In what I think is an ever growing issue, an outing at the theater is one event that cinema fans are finding less and less desirable. It’s transitioning from escapism to an exercise in tolerance; namely how many yahoos and idiots can you put up with while trying to enjoy your film? While I have my own thoughts about the decline of modern theaters and what really gets at me, this code is like a credo that everyone should heed and (God willing) may one day be able to enforce with a knuckle duster to the back of the head of any offender. So here are the 10 rules that would make a movie going experience better…or more professionally worded as the Cinema Code of Conduct.

But why stop there? Such is the question asked by Wynter Tyson of CinemaScream who has asked us in a fun meme to come up with what we think out own 11th Rule should be. Ohh audience participation huh? Well now, what shall I suggest?…Ahem,

  • # 11. Saving seats is not allowed any less than 20 minutes before the start of the film. Further saving a seat is simply unacceptable unless that person it is being saved for is actually in the theater (meaning that their seat is occupied by a belonging like a jacket, purse, etc).
  • # 12. Asking someone to move down in seats should never be asked, EVER (unless by an usher). If you wanted a good seat then you should have gotten to the theater on time. Don’t inconvenience someone else because you didn’t plan ahead. We’re not going to help you consolidate a row just so you can get two together and sit next to BF, GF, friend, spouse or whatever. Also if someone is gracious enough to move for you, offer them some candy or something and don’t make more than 2 people move for you. That’s just rude man!

That’s what I think, what about you? What would your 11th Rule be?? And please check out Wyner’s site on Dec 3rd to see everyone else’s 11th Rule. Now go out and spread the word!!