Ohhh, Look…’Sucker Punch’ Featurette

If you were wow’d by the Sucker Punch trailer that hit earlier this year, then you should enjoy this little featurette about the film. Very brief, just a bit of story exposition but still it doesn’t give too much away. This is kind of like one of those snippets you’d see between movies on HBO, Showtime and the like (plus I like the hearing from Scott Glenn). So for those of you inclined take a look…

That’s just what it needed to be…another glimpse of the film without spoiling anything which is good because that’s one thing that keeps ruining films these days. It’s that over awareness of a film before going into it that ruins the many of the surprises the film might hold. I guess you can put blame on us fans for indulging in our own curiosity but still, do we need so many TV spots and Internet ads?

Anyway, Sucker Punch is set for release on March 25, 2011. I know I’ll be there as I am a HUGE fan of Zack Snyder, but I’ll ask you all. Is this high on anyone’s must see list next year??


    • MarcC

      It looks to be a wild ride of a movie. I just hope there’s a good story in there amongst the slick visuals…oh wait, it’s Zack Snyder, we’ll be fine:P

      Thanks for stopping by Anna