Ohhh, Look…Behind-the-Scenes Video From Paramount's 100th Anniversary Photoshoot

2012 has been a continually big year for Paramount Pictures, and rightly so. Celebrating their Centennnial anniversary, the iconic studio began the year by rolling out their brand new logo with fanfare music by maestro Michael Giacchino. Along with some recent additions to the studio’s grand collection (like Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol) this week, film fans got some ohhs, and ahhhs in the form of this star-studded “class photo” which showcased an awe-inspiring collection of the studio’s hottest stars then and now…116 to be exact. For film fans, it’s quite a sight to behold.

Click the image to see the hi-rez version on Vanity Fair that names everyone in the photo from the shoot on January 13th, 2012.

Now for those of you who enjoy a little behind-the-scenes, check out this video from the event that is made all the more sweet and emotional thanks to Michael Giacchino’s touching music from Super 8…Enjoy!


And if you missed it, here is a collection of 100 famous/popular/memorable films from the studio’s catalog. It’s a rather nifty piece of artwork from Gallery 1988. Can you name them all??

So here’s to what the studio has given us in the past and what wonderful gems they will offer us in the future. Continued success to Paramount Pictures, thanks for the memories!!


  • ruth

    Love that poster! That photoshoot has some really odd selections though, I mean that chick from Transformers, the one who replaced Megan Fox, why on earth is she there??!

    • RidgeRacer4

      I agree Ruth, there’ are a few that I’m still scratching my head about (like the ridiculous Bieber photo bomb)…but they’re there for some reason:P