Ohhh, Look…First Teaser Poster for Disney's 'Oz the Great and Powerful'

One of the great things that’s happening in Hollywood is the exploration of ideas behind films we love. Back stories, prequels and the like show us a side to films/characters we thought we know and, when they’re done successfully, give much more depth and intricacy. However this isn’t the first time our understanding of Oz has been altered or enhanced as the Broadway musical Wicked is highly entertaining as it takes huge liberties with L. Frank Baum’s beloved story. But while Wicked focused on the little seen (and misunderstood) Witches, now we get a story from the side of another character who is just as important in the film, the actual Wizard of Oz:

When small-time magician Oscar Diggs (Franco) pulls one flimflam too many, he finds himself hurled into the fantastical Land of Oz where he must somehow transform himself into the great and powerful Wizard—and just maybe into a better man as well.

 Below is the first teaser poster and it looks just as magical as the film we’ve loved for so many years…behold!

From a screenplay by Mitchell Kapner and David Lindsay-Abaire Oz The Great and Powerful directed by Sam Raimi. His old Spidey series buddy James Franco will star as the titular Oz and he’ll be joined by a slew of fine actors including the three witches Theodora, Evanora, Glinda  played by Mila Kunis, Rachel Weisz and Michelle Williams respectively.

For those of you as excited as us, Disney has slated Oz The Great and Powerful for theatrical release early next year on March 8th, 2013.


  • Andrew Crump

    Love the look of this poster, and I hope that it’s a solid reflection of the sort of set design we see in the finished film. If nothing else, seeing Raimi work in this mode should be a joy.

    Is it weird that the tagline brings up Raimi’s involvement in the Spider-Man trilogy while the poster is debuting during the release week of The Amazing Spider-Man? It’s almost conciliatory.

    • RidgeRacer4

      Yeah, like, Raimi, remember him?…Basically paved the way for successful comic adaptations:)

      Fingers crossed, but things look good for now. Consider me sufficiently teased!