Oscar Extravaganza…well just some quick thoughts anyway

Well, all I can say is WOW…That was an Oscar Show.  In the past few years I’d actually given up watching because I was just unimpressed with the overall production.   But last night (even though I am too young to know for sure) looked and felt more like the clips they show in montages every few years when they showcase high points of years past.

Hugh Jackman, who outside of film has an impressive stage resume, seemed to channel the beast of Bing Crosby, Gene Kelly and Bob Hope all in one.  Nothing against Steve Martin, John Stewart, Billy Crystal who all did fine in the past, but for a night of Oscar, I think you need a real “Showman”, not just someone who simply “Show’s up”.  If ‘Entertainment’s’ biggest night is Oscar night, then they should bring a little more to the table.  Well, last night they did and it was (mostly) all Aces in my book.

Anyway, some quick thoughts:

Hugh Jackman nailed the role (not to mention my favorite part with the hilarious final lyrics to his opening number “I am Wolverine”).

The Jackman/Beyonce number was a little too awkward especially considering how many classic musical numbers they tried to incorporate all at once.

Having 5 previous Oscar winners announce the nominees was very classy.  Kind of like a professional critique/passing the torch event.  I do hope they stick with this event in the future.

Heath Ledger’s family accepting the award in his honor…also very classy.

John Legend singing the Peter Gabriel “Down to Earth” (which I thought should have won) was nice but I got confused when they combined all 3 songs in the category into one (rather shortened) perfomance.

If Slumdog Millionare is as good as they say, I am looking forward to seeing it.  And if I like it, then I will understand what it was like to watch the Golden Globes when LOST swept all the categories years ago while I sat in my living room asking, “What the hell is LOST?”  (On a side note, I also am glad Danny Boyle was able to helm something this successful.  His last film, Sunshine had promise and I wanted to like it but it just ended up confusing most people who saw it, and unfortunately, it bombed).

All in all, last night was a victory for everyone involved (regardless of whether or not they went home with a little golden man).  It was a major step up from prior years’ shows.  Now, I hope to see more of the same next year because now they have a winning formula.

Lastly, aside from Benjamin Button, I admit I hadn’t see very many of the films that were up for the major categories, so the gravity of the contenders in each categor sadly went over my head.  The Wrestler, Milk, Slumdog…they’re on my list of to-do’s…or to-see’s rather, I’ve got some catching up to do.  Next stop Neflix…see you again next year!!