Post-Bond Pierce Brosnan to Lead Upcoming Thriller ‘I.T.’

Pierce BrosnanWe sure have seen a very different sort of Pierce Brosnan since he left the Bond franchise haven’t we? He’s been a pastor, a hitman, a master thief, a businessman, even a robot. He was in Mamma Mia! for cripes sake. So there’s just no stopping the man who would no longer be Bond from taking roles as interesting as they are diverse and challenging.

Next on Pierce’s plate, after The November Man which hits theaters today actually, is a thriller about the cut-throat and diabolical world of “information technology”. Don’t let our playful sarcasm fool you, the film, called I.T. and penned by William Wisher (Terminator 2), is about a publisher who is menaced by his IT consultant and it sounds pretty good from just the synopsis. The tech attempts to use a myriad of digital tricks to wreak havoc on Brosnan’s character and destroy his reputation. Does that sound a just a tiny bit like Changing Lanes from 2002?

It’s still early days for the project and as such Brosnan is the only name announced. I.T. will be directed by John Moore and let’s just hope he is able to deliver something better than A Good Day To Die Hard. For all of you interested in more things Brosnan he has completed work on no less than four films, including The Moon And The Sun (which is little fare about King Louis XIV and his quest to steal the secret of immortality from a mermaid),which will be release in the later part of this year and scattered in 2015.