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Random Film Thought of the Day…07.14.10

I’m not the world’s biggest Nic Cage fan. There I said it. However I will admit although I am so tired of him, some of his of his work has found it’s way on to my Sacred Shelves (National Treasure, Bad Lieutenant and The Rock) and one of them into my heart (just The Rock). I think his over the top acting has its place and one of his goofiest roles has to be in Con Air. That movie is almost the epitome of guilty pleasure and to me some lines just stick out like none other in film history…whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing I’ll never know.

Case in point: take today’s date. Nothing spectacular about July 14th right? Wrong…to Nic Cage fans that is. Well on June 6th 1997, Con Air, that little action packed film that it is, took flight. While airborne, John Malkovich (playing an equally ultra cheesy antagonist Cyrus ‘The Virus’) condescendingly reads the following letter to Nic:

Now I have been forever unsuccessful in disassociating that part of the movie from the date. But now the neurotic part of Marc’s movie brain starts working overtime. July 14th…huh, that’s today…well, just take a gander at what film just so happens to come out on the same day

Now tell me some studio exec didn’t plan that…or at least get extremely giddy about the coincidence. Also, does anyone think the hair styles being similar is another coincidence? Or am I just digging too deep?

Well, I’m not sold on Apprentice, so in honor of today I think I’m going to fire up the props on the good old guilty pleasure that is Con Air. And would you look at that…it’s on Netflix Instant. Yeah, today’s going to be a good day!


  • Heather

    Here’s the thing. Nic Cage has put out so many poopoo movies and ridiculous performances that I should genuinely hate the man for making me sit through so many god awful movies, buuuuut………I still find myself pulling for him at the end of the day. There is something infallibly charming about him, that makes me hope against hope that he’s got some good work left in him. I did enjoy him in Kick Ass even if his role as Big Daddy was classic Cage rather than a stretch. Bartleby just reviewed this over at our site and his review has me perplexed. Maybe it’s not a winner, but it sounds like fun movie to see on DVD. Just having Nic Cage in your main credits can make people worry though, and yet he continues to consistently get work. It’s a mystery isn’t it?

  • Mad Hatter

    Wow! That’s cosmic co-incidence on steroids right there!! Sorta makes me wanna have a CON-AIR movie night tonight.

    This post easily gave me the biggest smile of the day – many thanks for that.

  • MarcC

    @Heather…I totally agree with you! What studio exec and finance board comes up the figures that tells them “yes, put Cage in, he’s still a big draw; it’s like printing our own money”?

    @Hatter…One is glad to be of service:)