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Random Film Thought of the Day…08.11.10

Ignorance can be a funny thing and it sure as hell was to me last night. Last last evening I attended an advanced screening of Scott Pilgrim (review coming later today) and the movie was replete with all the trailers that come right before it. Well one of them just so happened to be the trailer for Devil. If anyone reading this doesn’t know about it, follow this link to the trailer we posted.

Anyway, keeping up on movies before they premiere is something fan boys have been doing since the dawn of time. Sometimes there are unexpected perks that come from knowing things about movies in advance; this was one such instance. In this day and age I thought everyone kept up on movie news, especially those who are seeing an advanced screening for something like Scott Pilgrim. Well that’s where I was wrong. I’ve seen the trailer for Devil and despite the creative mind behind it, I am still very intrigued and can’t wait for its release. That said, nearly everyone in the audience didn’t know a thing about the movie.

The trailer starts out creepy, interesting and like something you may have seen but it doesn’t look very predictable. In fact it had the whole audience going “ohh” and whispers of “this looks good” could be heard here and there. But that’s when this happened…

As soon as these words appeared on screen there was such a collective and deflated  “Aw, Nooo” from the audience that I could have sworn they rehearsed it. It really made me laugh and I wanted to share the story with you. So while I’m going to see it no matter what, I’m going to bet that the 95% of those theater patrons won’t be. But let me ask you. Does anyone think this looks good? Is anyone planning on seeing it? Do you think M. Night still has a shot at redemption?


  • rtm

    I read somewhere, maybe on Twitter that people were chuckling as soon as his name popped up. Seriously, I think the studios ought to reconsider putting his name on the marquee as it has the opposite effect now. I’m no film analyst so I don’t know if he still has a shot but for sure he has a looooong way to go to be regarded the same way he was when Sixth Sense came out.

    As for the trailer, it started out very promising but then it went all Final Destination, teen-slasher-flick like which I loath. By that point, the tiny iota of interest I had was lost.

  • CMrok93

    My reaction to this trailer wasn’t that, it was more that I’m stoked, and I hope M. Night can actually bring himself back up, after all his mis-fires. It’s sad this is the kind of reaction his name has brought to the main media, but it’s just what he gets for that crap-fest Lady in the Water.

  • Dan

    That’s a brilliant story. It’s Shyamalan’s own fault – he was the one that teetered over the edge of his own arse and fell into that endless abyss. Hiss next great story will be about how he finds his way out. What an adventure that could be!

  • MarcC

    @Ruth…I agree completely, don’t let his name keep what might being a good movie be written of in light of current bad films/press. Funny thing is that it happened again at The Expendables last night…poor guy

    @Dan’s the Man…You’re right, he maybe did it to himself I avoided Lady because I heard it was terrible and after watching it, I really wished I had listened to everyone:(
    He’s not directing or writing this, he just came up with the idea for it. Maybe a good thing to let someone else steer the ship with him giving guidance…we’ll see right?

    @Top 10 Dan…I couldn’t believe it the first time and the second had me laughing at the lunacy of it happening again.

  • Napiers News

    The studio is talking about removing Shyamalan’s name from the trailer because of the response at screenings. I actually am going to bet that this movie is good. I love the premise and the feeling of being stuck in a small space with weird stuff going on.

  • Peter E.

    Soooo funny. Absolutely right – when those words appeared, that same collective groan happened in my own little brain. He’s a disaster. The trailer was terrible as well…