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Random Film Thought of the Day…12.21.09

I was reviewing the Screen Rant preview of movies coming out in 2010 and it got me thinking.  Paul Bettany is in 2 movies next year.  Interstingly enough they are both tied to religion in some way.  Then I started thinking further.  Didn’t he play a priest in The Reckoning?  Wasn’t he play a Silas the ‘albino’ monk in The Davinci Code?  Is he deeply spiritual?  Will he be the next Kirk Cameron?…only time will tell, but I thought it was worth posting this coincidence.  Take a look at the photo below…

Kind of an evolution of Paul Bettany…can someone say typecast?:P

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  • rtm

    Ha! I’d say he’s typecast by his own choice. But based on an interview I read on him, he’s likely on the far opposite end of Kirk Cameron in his worldview. Legion sounds like an anti-God flick, and the same can be said about the rest of his films mentioned here.