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Sweet Trailer…'The Wolfman'

Now this is a surprise!  Not a word of this movie was uttered between last year’s Comic-Con and now, then all of a sudden we get production photos a few days ago, and then BAM! one very incredible trailer.  For those of you who have seen it I would image we are all impressed with what we were given.  I for one was holding no hope for this film for a variety of reasons, so maybe that’s why I was excited that I thought I would be after watching the trailer.  There’s just something about the quality level of this particular trailer that made me watch it over and over again…and that’s something that rarely happens with trailers, for me anyway.  That said, treat yourselves to this trailer whether you’ve seen it or not…


I’ve been a fan of Joe Johnston ever since he directed my favorite ‘non-super hero’ comic book movie The Rocketeer.  He has worked on the original Star Wars and Indiana Jones films as either art director and effects director so he know visuals and action (plus you pick up some things when you work with Lucas and Spielberg and that looks good on any resume).  He even did an OK job with Jumanji and Jurassic Park 3 when there really wasn’t much to work with. I’m confident this film will be very successful and believe he will do a fantastic job with the The First Avenger: Captain America movie.  Just the premise alone of “Cap” and the mythology surrounding him has the possibility of becoming as hokey as Daredevil or Ghost Rider, but in Johnston’s hands, I’ll bet we will get something close to Iron Man at the very least…and dare I say, even better?

As much as I liked Steven Sommers’ movies and his take on the classic movie monsters, I believe this is a good change of pace and I’m glad this will be a more serious direction for such an iconic character.  What do you think??  This trailer look like a movie you’d want to see??  Anyone like the serious/dark tone??  Or do you still prefer these types of characters get a lighter treatment in modern film?