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Sweet 3rd Trailer…'The Dark Knight Rises'

Well Bat-friends, we are getting ever closer to the last leg in Chritopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. Batman Begins and The Dark Knight are two of the finest comic book adapations to ever grace the screen but more important are also just great films. Nolan has incredible reverence for the characters and the mythology and before we go up, up, and away with his Man of Steel project, here’s his final foray into the Gotham part of the DC universe. Behold, the final full trailer for The Dark Knight Rises.

Was that awesome or what?? No honestly, tell us because we couldn’t watch it. Reason? Well, we believe that a film as anticipated as this will serve us better if we go into the theater completely blind. Knowing very little has always helped make the film in question that much more enjoyable. So as most everyone on the planet knows, in this film Batman fights Bane, friends become enemies, enemies become friends, yaddda, yadda, battle ensues and fanboys will likely faint from exposure to greatness. It’s gonna be a hot time in the cold town tonight!

Warner Bros has slated The Dark Knight Rises for release (on regular and IMAX theaters) everywhere this Summer on July 20th, 2012 . Yup, can’t wait for that!! It’s really not a question of ‘will you be there?‘ but rather how many times will you go back to see it??