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Sweet (4 Minute) Trailer…'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo'

Earlier this year the red band trailer for the remake of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo hit the web. It surprised most everyone and received quite a lot of praise (even so far as to inspire a brilliant parody trailer). As it’s one of our most anticipated films this Winter we at G-S-T decided to ignore anything and everything TGwtDT, taking a firm stance to severely stay in the dark until its release. Now I had heard about the 8 minute trailer and as such chose to ignore it. Buuuut at the screening of Moneyball on Tuesday (review up Friday), the film was headed by the same 8 minute trailer I was hoping to avoid. What do they say about the best laid plans right? So with the cat out for the bag I have no problem showing this new shorter and still very well cut I might add 4 minute trailer to you all. Enjoy!

Hot off the success of The Social Network, David Fincher brings us another really slick looking film and reverent adaptation of Stieg Larsson’s novel. Starring Daniel Craig, Rooney Mara and a host of other talented actors, on the surface this looks like a shot for shot remake (much like last year’s Let Me In) but I suspect Fincher will make it slightly more impressive than a blatant retread. Guess you can’t expect any less from the man who brought us The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Fight Club and other incredible films right?  The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is scheduled to hit theaters this Winter on December 21st 2011.

What you think? More importantly, what do you fans of the original think??


  • Dan

    I am interested to see how this turns out even though I wasn’t a fan of the original film or book.

    • MarcC

      I was a bit put off since it, just like Let Me In looked like a shot for shot remake but seeing that 8 minutes really changed my mind. Though Rooney Mara still doesn’t come off as intimidating as Nomi Rapace. We’ll see…

  • MarkusWelby1

    Cannot wait for this one. I admit that I’m a total Millenium Trilogy nerd. The swedish films were OK, but lost a lot in the translation. Fincher is the right guy for the job on this one.

    • MarcC

      Well if it gets the GPS seal of approval ahead of time then I’ll buy my ticket right now:P