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Sweet (Teaser) Trailer…’Paul’

Seems like ages ago we heard about the upcoming and awesome sounding Simon Pegg/Nick Frost film Paul. Aside from an obscure “set shot” here and there, nothing had surfaced that made any big waves. Well, good news everyone, after all this time we have a teaser trailer!! Be advised, it’s just a teaser so this may not be entirely what the movie will look like. Regardless, Pegg and Frost look to be just as funny and charismatic as in their previous films so have a look and let me know what you think.

Aside from the video quality of the teaser looking poor, I don’t think this looks to be that great. Again this is early footage and looking past the quick cuts and one liners that abound in a teaser I think this will be a surprise, especially with Pegg and Frost in the lead. Directed by Greg Mottola (Superbad, Arrested Development) Paul is the story of two British comic-book geeks traveling across the U.S. encounter an alien outside Area 51. The titular Paul is voiced by Seth Rogen (who looks like the cousin of Roger from American Dad) and also stars Sigourney Weaver (who we love in that other sci-fi comedy about aliens).

While this looks crazy enough to work I am a bit disappointed the casting. Sure Mottola brings some of his old faithfuls like Jason Bateman and Jeffrey Tambor but I am getting pretty tired of Kristen Wiig, Bill Hader and David Koechner. It’s doubtful to expect the level of smart humor found in Shaun or Hot Fuzz but, as it is a Mottola picture, I’ll still probably laugh my ass of. Paul hits American theaters next year on March 11, 2011. For more info you can check out the official site