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Sweet Trailer…'London Boulevard'

OK now here’s a trailer to get you excited…well maybe not excited but interested. Colin Farrell, alongside Keira Knightley and Ray Winstone, stars in the new crime thriller London Boulevard. As you’ll see below, the trailer isn’t exactly straightforward so let me refer you to the synopsis from IMDb:

“London Boulevard” is the story of a man newly released from prison who falls in love with a reclusive young movie star and finds himself in a duel with a vicious gangster.

Hmm, maybe the trailer is more expository. Have a look and let me know what you think…

Maybe it’s just me but I’m reminded of Layer Cake which I think is a good thing. Yet there’s some humor in the trailer which seems misleading to the film’s overall intent and mood. Also it’s advertised that the film is written and directed by William Monahan (of The Departed fame) so who knows what’ll happen? It’s got my attention at least and if it falls anywhere between In Bruges and The Departed I think I’ll be happy to see Ferrell, Knightley and Winstone in the mix. They’re talented, charismatic and if the story has them turn on each other (as Farrell hints at the end) I think they have the range to make it engaging and believable.

London Boulevard is set for a UK release on November 26, with a stateside release expected next February. I’d say I’m game but what about the rest of you? Anyone interested in this in the least?


  • Steve

    I spotted this trailer today too – was thinking of making it my trailer of the week. Not sure if this is the first time Farrell and Winstone have been on screen together – but the mix has got explosive potential. Keira Knightley looks like she might be able to turn in a better than usual performance – you can never tell with her these days.

    Have you seen Sexy Beast?

    • MarcC

      I’m certain I’ll see this but man is the trailer all over the place; starts off like a Guy Ritchie film then gets very serious. Could go either way but I bet I’ll like it.

      Hadn’t seen Sexy Beast but I heard great things about it. It’s one of those you plan to see but forget about. What do you think?

      • Steve

        If you wanted an explanation about what the big deal about Ray Winstone is – Sexy Beast has all the answers. Also, if you wanted to see Ben Kingley playing the anti-Ghandi, this is also the film for you.

        An incredible soundtrack by UNKLE, and atmospheric as hell. Ian McShane as Mr. Black Magic, Teddy Bess is the icing on the cake. A fan-dibbee-dozie-tastic film!

        • MarcC

          OK, sound like a winner. Consider Sexy Beast now at the top of my Netflix queue. Looking forward to it. Thanks Steve!

  • rtm

    Everyone’s been posting this trailer everywhere but I couldn’t help posting about it today. I really like it a lot, have seen it about 5-6 times since Monday 🙂 I’m not usually nuts about Colin but something about his character appeals to me and the romance is intriguing.

    Marc, I know you like Guy Ritchie, do you notice the Ritchie-esque tone in this trailer? I kinda get that vibe.

    • MarcC

      Yeah you’re right about that Ruth only I doubt it will be as fun as a Ritchie flick. I’m expecting a much more serious tone…or at least one that becomes serious pretty quick in the movie.