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Sweet Trailer…Season Two of ‘Ted Lasso’

One of the most surprising things to come out of 2020 was the ever-charming Apple TV+ show Ted Lasso. And who says you can’t have a jolly good time in a pandemic. What the show has going for it – aside from the cast, the writing, the chemistry of the leads, the care-free charm of Jason Sudeikis, the gorgeous cinematography, and Dani Rojas, Rojas, Rojas – is simple: it is delightful up, down, and sideways.

As such, it should surprise no one that a new season is on the way, so all you Lassoites (yes, I made that up just now) don’t have long to wait to get back to your happy place. For now, enjoy the teaser trailer for S2. On that note, Is it ever too late in life to want to be Ted Lasso?

Golden Globe winner Jason Sudeikis is Ted Lasso, an American football coach hired to manage a British soccer team—despite having no experience. But what he lacks in knowledge, he makes up for with optimism, underdog determination…and biscuits.

Season 2. July 23. Kindness is making a comeback. #TedLasso