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Sweet Trailer…’Take Out Girl’

We’re always on the look out for something different. If, like us, you’re a little burned out on super heroes, sequels and zombie films, then look no further. This impressive looking film is inspired by real events, and it feels pretty real in the trailer. Actress/Co-Writer Hedy Wong and Indigenous Director/Co-Writer Hisonni Johnson choose to amplify their AAPI/Indigenous voices by focusing on commonalities in their upbringing. They came together on this project to show how their shared familial bonds, poverty, and the lack of upward economic mobility, led to crime in their minority communities.

Take Out Girl tells the story of Tera (played by Wong), a 20-year-old Asian-American woman who parlays her family restaurant delivery expertise into a profitable drug hustle in order to help her immigrant mother’s struggling business.

From 1091 Pictures, the film is directed by Hisonni Mustafa and will be available on May 18.