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Sweet Trailer…'The Devil Inside'

With found footage films making a resurgence as of late the next film coming down the pike (but sadly not in time for Halloween) is The Devil Inside. The first we heard of this was in the creepy viral video/911 call released last week and now we have a full on trailer which looks to have found footage goodness (well faux-documentary if you want to get specific) written all over it. Let’s just hope the final product comes out as good as it’s teasing. Have a look for yourself and enjoy!

In the same vein as the Eli Roth produced film The Last Exorcism this hopefully will offer something worth the price of admission. Found footage has been hit and miss as of late and while The Last Excorsism might have been divisive it certailny had an ambitious ending. I for one liked and hope The Devil Inside gives us something closer to that, [REC], and Troll Hunter as opposed to Apollo 18. Insurge Pictures (Paramount’s low budget horror arm) has set this for a release date of January 6th, 2012. Sounds suspicious as the beginning of the year is usually the time to dump movies with little hope but who knows, it may offer a surprise or two along with some good scares.

I’m gonna chance this, but how about you? Anyone looking for a little horror after the New Year??