Ohhh, Look…Voltron Fan Film 'The End'

These days there’s no shortage of 80’s fans and those of us who grew up then have never forgotten our roots. As numerous properties from that decade (read: the most awesomest era ever) have become feature length films, others still are a long way off. Transformers, TMNT, G.I Joe are but a few that have leapt to the silver screen, to varied results mind you, but their films didn’t come out of nowhere. Those same franchises have been chugging along and staying fresh in fans’ minds via comics, toy and various cartoon shows all these years.

Voltron and Thundercats, two highly beloved series, have had their films stuck in development hell for too long and as such, one fan has decided he’s tired of waiting for the studios to get their stuff together. This video below is only a fan film but similar to the pretty sweet and ambitious TMNT fan made short ‘Fight the Foot’, this shows lots of promise and it’s a pretty awesome premise. Enjoy…

When a man regains consciousness in a Voltron battle lion after an “accident” he has to decide does he live a few more minutes or try to tell the world what happened… the end is only the beginning.

Great idea to start things off with Voltron and the Galaxy in trouble. But let me ask you: Whaddya think? Can you see a film taking off after this? Anyone else tired of waiting for a Voltron film??


    • MarcC

      Well it wasn’t all wine and roses (or yoohoo and pop tarts for us kids) as there was certainly a LOT of pure crap to balance out the really great shows. But like anything nostalgia does account for a lot of the fun memories:P

  • Andrew

    There’s something mentally ill about this. Not the film itself (which isn’t really substantive enough to comment on in the affirmative or otherwise), but more what for the geek pandemic it represents. Why does this need to be grim and serious?

    I think I have more concern over the attitude taken in adapting beloved 80s geek “sacred cows” to the big screen in the 2000s. For movies based on Saturday morning cartoons, they’re ridiculously dour and gritty, as though the only way to make something produced as children’s programming “adult” is to infuse it with tons of violence and sex. There’s a gap missing there, though, and the product is still “for kids” but without the benefit of the growing up process.

    I feel like geeks want their obsession with the connective tissue of their childhood to be validated, and studios are complying by making stuff like Transformers— which just leads to geeks making their own movies like this and that godawful Portal fan film.

    • MarcC

      Wow Andrew someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I like the gritty nature but I’ll agree with you it didn’t have to be that serious or bleak.

      It’s a fan film made for fans who grew up with it and not trying in the least to cover that gap and appeal to kids.

      • Andrew

        Heh. I realize I sound like I’m savaging these sorts of things. I understand it’s not trying to appeal to kids, and I actually don’t necessarily have a problem with making an “adult” version of something like Voltron. My problem is that in order to bring the material out of childhood, it’s just treated with a nihilistic touch. I feel like that speaks to a lack of creativity or vision.

        • MarcC

          Good point, trying such a narrow minded angle it has a tendency to seem weak, thin or as you say lack creativity.