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Sweet Trailer…'The Last Airbender'

While I was away in Australia, it seems I missed some things…like the Superbowl, the commercials and this trailer for M. Night Shyamalan‘s adaptation of the American Anime The Last Airbender. Now I’ve said this many times before, but it bears repeating. I’ve never seen an episode of the show but I know that it is wildly popular. Also, M. Night is a huge fan, so his decision to make this film is a personal one and he’ll be putting his heart into it. Here’s hoping that the end result is an adaptation that gives fans a warm feeling inside and that it does justice to the series. For those of you late to the table (like me), have a look at this pretty damn slick trailer…

I really liked the teaser from last year, and while I think this is a little tame looking, I’m still interested. I think this will fare far better than the ill received Speed Racer adaptation. But to be fair the Wachowski’s didn’t fail on that one, they simply stuck too close to the cartoon (only making sense to the most avid fans), spent waaay top much on SFX and made a few lousy casting decisions. But back to this trailer…What do you at home think? How about you fans? Looking good so far??

If I had to wager, I’d bet the success of this film will fall somewhere between The Golden Compass and Serenity – interesting enough for newbies and entertaining enough for the fans but still not a “blockbuster” by any means. But hey, I’ve been wrong before. The Last Airbender is set for release on 2 July 2010. Will you be there??