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Sweet Trailer(s)…007 Is Back In 'Skyfall'!

Oh boy, Bond is back and we can honestly say the wait has been far too long!! Since things about the projects have been hush hush until now, save for some snazzy still/set shots and a teaser that was all kinds of WOW, I can’t tell you how overjoyed we are to share the first full trailer for Bond 23, the mysteriously titled Skyfall…No more words, just watch!!!

Not good enough for you? Then how about this “International” trailer which changes things up and offers something just a tad different…

Daniel Craig is without a doubt one of the best (if not the most idealized) Bond and gives great new life to this iconic character. With Sam Mendes at the helm we can be assured that this 00-Adventeure will be something truly special…at the very least it should make up for the misfire that was Quantum of Solace. But his third at bat looks to bring us a little closer to suave and snarky Bond we’ve known for years. Also seeing Ben Whishaw as Q hand Bond his first gadget really is a nice touch. Can’t wait for this!!

Columbia Pictures, Eon Productions and MGM have slated Skyfall to hit theaters this Fall on November 9th, 2012. As expected, those of you in the UK will see it a couple weeks before us on on 26 October 2012. So all you GST fans across the pond, let us know how Bond 23 fares would ya? For more, check out the official James Bond site


    • RidgeRacer4

      I’m super stoked for this. I mean how can you not be? Bardem, Mendes, Q, a gadget (and an really great quote about it btw) and a devil may care attitude that brings us closer to the Bond we’ve known for years. This looks pretty awesome. I just hope they get a better theme song than QoS…I can put down that writer strike affected story but that song is just awful. 

      But what sold me on this is the train bit at 2:15. If that doesn’t just sum up Bond, I don’t know what does:)