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    Ohhh, Look…Awesome Minimalist Posters For 'The Avengers'

    Comic fans have waited years, decades really, for the big screen adaption of Marvel’s The Avengers. Barring the advance screenings and international releases, on May 4th (step aside Star Wars) the world is going to come to a halt to take in the awesomeness Joss Whedon has been crafting and waiting to unleash on screens for the past 2 years. So to further whet your appetites, have a look at these rather awesome minimalist posters for The Avengers… (click on the images to see the hi-rez version) Whaddya think? Are these not just awesome?? Here’s some more you might like. The Avengers will be in theaters this Friday on May 4th.

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    Ohhh, Look…'Dark Shadows' Character Posters

    Tim Burton‘s adaptation of the TV show Dark Shadows, starring Johnny Depp, will hit theaters this May. A few weeks ago the first trailer hit the web and I have to say it looked surprisingly good. Delightful with Burton’s signature combination of creepy/cheerful story and characters. Well if you missed it we have it posted below but right now, have a look at these 9 vibrant character posters from Apple. Annnd here’s the trailer in case you missed it… Directed by Tim Burton and starring an impressive cast featuring Johnny Depp, Eva Green, Helena Bonham Carter, Chloe Grace Moretz, Johnny Lee Miller, Jackie Earle Haley, and Michelle Pfeiffer, Dark Shadows…

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    Ohhh, Look…More Sleek Minimalist Superhero Posters

    A while back some snazzy graphic designers (like the ones populating Deviant Art) created some simplistic yet brilliant minimalist super hero posters. Then came several iterations of some rather fantastic minimalist movie posters. Needless to say things haven’t slowed down a bit and minimalism is the new black…or something like that. So as a remedy for your Mid-Wednesday blues, have a look some more rather sweet looking minimalist/art deco superhero posters after the jump. Thanks to Geekologie (sister site of I Watch Stuff) for the heads up…