Ohhh, Look…More Sleek Minimalist Superhero Posters

A while back some snazzy graphic designers (like the ones populating Deviant Art) created some simplistic yet brilliant minimalist super hero posters. Then came several iterations of some rather fantastic minimalist movie posters. Needless to say things haven’t slowed down a bit and minimalism is the new black…or something like that. So as a remedy for your Mid-Wednesday blues, have a look some more rather sweet looking minimalist/art deco superhero posters after the jump. Thanks to Geekologie (sister site of I Watch Stuff) for the heads up…

Pretty neat huh? I’m sold and if you too are so inclined these are actually for sale on the artist’s website. These are but a handful of the amazing pieces and you’ll be glad to know there’s plenty more to explore. So if you want to see more in the collection, head over to Society 6 to see all the work from the uber talented Greg Guillemin. What do you think about these? See anything you’d just love to have on your wall??