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    Random Film Thought of the Day…02.16.11

    OK kiddos, here’s the question of the day: What do either pictures above have to do with each other?…If you said a “Neverending Elevator Ride (or Music)”, you’re close. Allow me to elaborate on the answer though. I rode an elevator this morning and of all the music in the world (aside from the standard in elevator music the dreaded Girl From Ipanema) I heard the theme from The NeverEnding Story. Yes, that’s right, The NeverEnding Story. And no it wasn’t the version from the movie, or this version from A Newfound Glory (which is pretty awesome btw). No it was a legitimately redone version of the song in the stylings of,…

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    Random Film Thought of the Day…01.26.10

    Does anyone recall that scene in Fellowship of the Ring, where Baromir has just died and they are about to send him over the falls? Stop right there…does anyone see a problem with this picture? Well I do. First off, imagine yourself in Aragorn and Gimli’s shoes (or boots rather) I know you just had a huge forest battle with some Orcs and you probably are saying, “well we don’t have time to bury him“, but really? Over the falls? Now this is just one instance where something in a movie sounds like a good idea or something very dignified…but it’s not. Here’s my thoughts on why: