The Usual "Monster" Suspects…

Hello World,

Well we made it to Tuesday…small victories right?  So to celebrate this mundane achievement I present this funny chart which compares the sizes of our favorite film monsters in a sort of ‘Police Line-up’ which makes me think of the t-shirt that was inspired from that line-up scene in The Usual Suspects.

The guys over at First Showing are featuring a post that compares 11 iconic movie monsters beginning with Chucky from Child’s Play (WTF?!) and ending with the Cloverfield monster.  I’ll let you view the image below and see who falls in the middle-ground…

Now, if any of you so desire to own this image printed on your very own t-shirt, those of you who are financially stable (tough to be these days I know) can purchase one here, however it’s only available in the UK via teepay.  This entire chart’s content is subjectively chosen and they did a pretty good job of mixing it up.

However, IMO they obviously missed some other “larger than life” classic and coveted film villains.  If I had my pick I’d want to see the addition of “Balrog” from LotR: The Fellowship of the Ring, and “the 10 foot tall road blockDavid Lo Pan from Big Trouble in Little China.

What do you all think? What monsters do you think should have made the chart but didn’t?

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