The World's End – Final Leg of the "The Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy"?

Calling all you Wright, Pegg and Frost fans out there!! Seems like years ago the trio had us cracking up with the comic gold that is Shaun of the DeadHot Fuzz was an excellent (albeit more serious) follow up and then….a big nothing.

Pegg took a trip on the Enterprise and later re-teamed with Frost for the upcoming Paul. All the while Wright went on to successfully adapt Scott Pilgrim vs the World (which I just loved). But while we heartily enjoy their separate and collaborative efforts, fans began wondering about when they would continue/conclude Wright’s fabled “Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy”. Well dear friends news of that day has come…well in some form at least

From our friends at Screen Rant, via an interview Wright has with io9, we get some (and I stress some) insight as to what might and might not be up his sleeve.

As he’s dabbled in different genres with each succeeding film, would Edgar Wright tread new ground in this next effort? Here’s what he had to say:

I don’t know. I’m trying to go beyond that, rather, and tell stories. I think after Hot Fuzz one of the reasons we didn’t make a film straight away, was by the end of the Hot Fuzz press tour people would only ask us that question, what’s next you’ve done zombies, you’ve done cops, what’s next? You start to think that people assume you have a blindfold and a dart board, and oh okay, kung fu, let’s do that. I think what I would like to do now is to make stories that appeal to me. And Scott Pilgrim is exactly that, I read the book, and I knew I had to make this movie.

Further, regardless of genre, in content and story in the next film seem to be as much of an unknown at this time:

“We have an idea and we still plan on writing it. I think Simon [Pegg] and I have to be in the same room. We’ve both been busy and so has Nick [Frost]. So I’d hope that maybe by the end of next year we’d start writing it […] or completely start from scratch.”

So maybe this final chapter isn’t as close as we’d like like it to be (queue collective weeping of fans). As I doubt Wright would ever let us down, I suspect he’s still riding out the success of Scott Pilgrim and further, he’s just taking his time to craft something worthwhile…even if it is a slow process.

Yet with so little to go on as of now it may seem like this was a blow off, or that he really has no clue how to wrap it up, but I don’t think that’s the case. When it happens, this final installment could really be anything and I think that’s what makes Wright’s films so appealing; he makes anything work. So basically stick a pin in it for now and we’ll keep you posted if we hear more.

Since we won’t be seeing the final installment for a good while, I’ll ask you all this question to help tide you over. Out of Wright’s brief but stellar list of films, which is your favorite so far?? I think Scott Pilgrim is getting closer to taking my number one spot away from Shaun. But that’s just me.


    • MarcC

      Not in the least…especially as it features the one and only Timothy Dalton:) A little more serious than the other two but it has the smartest humor. Thanks for stopping by John. And welcome to G-S-T!