FYI – Upcoming G-S-T Top 10

Hello World, Marc Here:

When the last decade (the 90’s for those of you with math deficiencies) was in it’s final moments, we at G-S-T were all in college eager to graduate and make our marks on the world.  Cinema and it’s special effects were (at the time) at it’s zenith, George Bush was gearing up to campaign for the presidency and the rest of us on the planet, hesitant about Y2K scare, were ready to usher in the new century.

Rob, Pete and myself (collaborating on a rare and important G-S-T post) are hard at work debating what will comprise out list of 10 “Best Films of the Decade”.  While I can’t being to explain how difficult this list’s composition is proving to be, the tougher task was trying to assemble films that would be unique enough to each of us so we wouldn’t come up with three lists and have 6 or more of the same films.  We also didn’t want to simply succumb to Oscar buzz or just list what films got “Best Picture” based on Academy voting.  That said, starting these lists back in October, we are almost complete with what we think is a unique and personal list to share with you.

This is just a little “heads up” to let you know that our list will debut a few days before New Years to reveal the G-S-T Top 10 Films of the Decade…basically we’re holding out as long as possible because we’re curious if Avatar will make the cut. So stay tuned! More to come!!


  • madhatter21

    Lookin’ forward to it boys! FYI, my own best of the decade list will be goin’ up on New Year’s Day.

    • Marc

      Yeah, we’re excited to post it and see how it fares. Any troubles assembling yours? Any last minute hopefuls you are waiting on?

      Gotta say the whole process has been a fun exercise, albeit very taxing…

      • madhatter21

        Y’know, it’s funny you mention it. In late October, I decided to rank everything I’ve seen this year, with the intention of slotting in new stuff in relation as I saw it.

        I expected many of the year-end offerings to dominate the list (they usually do for me) but precious little has changed at the top of my list in the last month!