Oh Boy!! The "Versatile Blogger" Award

Go,See,Talk would like to thank Ruth @ Flixchatter for picking us (well, me) in this latest “meme”. I admire her work and think it is very flattering that she felt like we deserved this. So let me try my best to make her proud:)

The Rules for the Award are:

Thank the person who gave you this award (see above)

Share 7 things about yourself (see below)

Pass the award along to 15 who you have recently discovered and who you think fantastic for whatever reasons! (see way below)

Contact the blogs you picked and let them know about the award.

So…here are 7 things about me that I didn’t divulge during the last MeMe:

  1. My favorite movie of all time is without a doubt Casablanca. That’s the sophisticated answer I give when I’m at dinner parties…if I’m around my friends and fellow movie lover knuckleheads, I say Big Trouble in Little China. Hey, they’re both equal in my eyes…and now the ridicule starts;)
  2. If I could meet any film personality alive or dead it would be Cary Grant. No one else before or after has come close to having the style, flair, and all around charisma (dramatic or comedic) that he just exudes so effortlessly.
  3. As a kid, my favorite movie was The Dark Crystal…I was fascinated by it until I found out it was all just puppets. Oh, who am I kidding? I am still fascinated by it. Can’t wait for the sequel!!
  4. I am in the middle of writing a book that I would love to turn into a screenplay. Just like everything I’ve ever started, it’s a work in progress, and these days, with a job, a mortgage, a wife and two dogs, progress is sloooow:(
  5. There’s only been two times in my whole life that I’ve ever seen a movie more than once in the theater: Hollow Man and G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. Not great movies by any means but they’re fun as hell, especially when going to see them with two different groups of friends.
  6. My first movie crush was on Kim Cattrall in Mannequin where I don’t think she has ever looked that good. Pity.
  7. Sometimes I get frustrated trying to write content for Go,See, Talk, and some days I contemplate just shutting the site down. However when those thoughts cross my mind (almost like clockwork) I read an inspiring comment from one of you faithful readers and it turns me right around! So for that I thank you all:)

So now the “quid pro quo” part of the Meme…boy, thanks for picking everyone else Ruth…who’s left?:P  Oh, what the hell, second round of nominations coming right up:)

The Film Cynics – celebrating Steve’s hard work…and great taste in movies. Hey Steve, any word on the proper BD release of The Island?? I’m getting impatient.

Fandango Groovers – Andy is just the man. The Desert Island DVDs is just a small sampling of how awesome he is. Also, Andy, I just saw Fandango and LOVED IT…your site and that Gravatar pic…it all makes sense now!!:)

CyniCritics – Consistently great writing guys, can’t wait to read your new stuff…seriously.

Magic Lantern Film – Peter runs a site I have just recently come across and he’s got great taste in film. He also puts together some great topics.

Ross v Ross – Match-ups have never been better paired than at the hands of those two guys…or it is one guy?? I still don’t know:P

The List – This goes out to Kai, my Zombie loving friend at The List. Let me elaborate, he loves Zombie films…not necrophilia. Just wanted to clear that up.

Congrats to all, and thanks again to Ruth!!


  • rtm

    Thanks for taking the time to do this, Marc! I can’t possibly NOT nominate you, can I? It’s friends like you that make this whole blogging thing worthwhile! So yeah, totally agree with #7, but let’s make a pact that we keep our blogs going ok?

    Btw, would you hate me if I told you I have yet to see Casablanca? [sheepish smile]… BUT it’s on my Netflix queue as my guest blogger Becky also grilled me about it 🙂

    Ha..ha.. Mannequin! I love that movie, all the girls had a crush on Andrew McCarthy back then. I agree Kim never looked better there, no hours of Photoshop required like in her SATC posters, ugh!

    • Marc

      Yes, we keep the blogs going. Promise:)

      Yeah, Kim just doesn’t fit into that group. She’s like that kid in high school who keeps failing to graduate so she’s so much older than the rest of the kids in her class:P

  • mill1924

    Thanks for the compliments and we are going to get on this!

    And as far as number 5 goes, I can totally understand where you are coming from. I saw Sherlock Holmes 3 times, not because it was the most fantastic film in the world, but because it was fun in a way and I had several different friends to share the experience with at different times. Doing that with some movies can be fun and rewarding, others not. In fact, I don’t think I could go see a movie I really loved in a theater by myself twice.

    • Marc

      I don’t know why but I have fallen asleep during Sherlock Holmes both times I’ve seen it. I think it’s pretty damn good but the middle gets a little slow and muddy. But maybe I have just watched them too late at night:P

      • mill1924

        That happens. Especially with me an Tarantino movies… sometimes too late is just too late.

        BTW, we’ve just put our post for this up!

  • Castor

    Ahaha I don’t feel as bad having seen Transformers twice now that you admitted having seen GI Joe, of all things, twice!

    We all go through up and down moments with our respective blogs. I sincerely hope you stick around as I will!

    • Marc

      I do love this too much to just up and quit just because I’m having a down day thinking of something to write. I’ll be around for a while Cas, but thanks for the support!!

      I saw G.I. Joe the first time so I could chine in on a podcast with the guys at But surprisingly (even though I know it’s not a great movie, I loved it and saw it again without hesitation. I even bought it on Blu-Ray…what can I say? Stephen Sommers’ films are like my guilty pleasures:)

  • Kaiderman

    Marc’s not going anywhere. We love you, Big Guy!
    As far as the necrophilia thing… don’t put it past me! 🙂
    Thanks for the nod but I actually got it from Darren at the m0vie blog couple days ago. Mine’s up now… check it out!
    AND EVERYONE… come read Marc’s contribution to the FILMS YOU DIDN’T KNOW YOU NEEDED TO SEE 4 post going up Saturday June 26th over at my place!!!

  • Peter Eramo Jr.

    Thanks for the link and good word. Now the pressure is on me. CTCMR also listed me – but not sure who else to nominate as everyone seems to be mentioned. I feel the same way about the writing – sometimes I feel no one is out there reading and here I am working my ass off and dedicating my time writing new posts. The comments from film lovers helps, agreed. Hang in there!!!

    • Marc

      I like what Ross v Ross said when he wrote, “your blog should be an outlet for your thoughts, if anyone else is dumb enough to like reading your thoughts consider it a bonus”. True it’s a way to get our voices out but supports and comments from friends really makes it worth it:)

  • CrazyRico

    Marc, nice to hear from you again. If you don’t mind, I would like to address your 7 things individually as they (mostly) hold significance for me as well.

    Love Bogey but have to admit I have never seen CasaBlanca – but I have seen Big Trouble In Little China many times and really appreciate the nod to this misunderstood and underappreciated bit of cinematography. Thank you (this is also perhaps one of Kim Cattralls better looks).

    I have to agree that Cary Grant is an awesome draw, my particular favorite being Charade. You can’t not love Audrey and Cary plays it ever-so-straight, baby. (BTW – his real name is Archibald Leach – God bless agents).

    Dark Crystal, I can’t say enough about this movie. As creepy as it is, every child 10-15 years old should see it.

    Good Luck on your screenplay, I look forward to seeing it.

    I have only seen one movie more than 1 time in the theater, and that is Dan O’Bannons ‘Return Of The Living Dead’. My favorite movie of all time, I will leave it at that.

    Kim Cattrell as a movie crush – good choice. But I would lean more towards her Gracie Law character in ‘Big Trouble’ than ‘Mannequin’. That movie was a footnote at best, sorry.

    ‘Shutting Down The Site’ (out of frustration). Friend, this is your site, your ‘voice’. Far be it from me to tell you what to do, I am no psychologist and certainly not your closest, trusted friend. But hey, you started this site for a reason – and I have to assume (odd couple reference inserted here) that reason is still valid.

    I like the fact that you find solace in the scripts of your readers, it shows integrity, humility and character. Whatever you choose to do, I wish you the best. It has been a pleasure reading your posts and I think everyone will join me in offering you Salud!

    • Marc

      Hey Welcome back Rico!

      Check out Casablanca, but make sure you sit down interruption free and really get into (i.e. don’t see it on TV).

      Well, I’m glad that you have enough conviction to call out your love of ROTLD, as I too have no problem saying the same about BTILC. When someone greatly touts Orson Wells’ work in Citizen Kane, I bust out how awesome Kurt Russell is and level the playing field:P

      Well thanks to your and everyone else’s outcries, it seems like G-S-T has some fans, so it would be terrible if I just gave up on you all:P Don’t worry we’ll keep the site going, PROMISE:)

  • fandangogroovers

    Thanks for the mention, I haven’t got around to doing mine yet.

    Glad you liked Fandango. You mention my Gravatar, also look at the banner on my site. It was graffiti at Chata Ortega’s done by the crew whilst shooting the movie. If you take a look here there is a picture of me nest to it with Chuck Bush who plays Dorman in the movie.

    • Marc

      I think that wedding scene and the end of the is just so well done and very memorable. The music (which I downloaded) and the way it was shot was so awesome, almost magical…great now I want to see it again:)

  • Heather

    Part of me often feels like shutting down the site for a month at a time and just take a vacation. It’s so much constant work and maintenance. But you are right, the shared community and support is more than enough motivation to keep it alive.