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Video Interview…’The Place Beyond the Pines’ Writer/Director Derek Cianfrance

Derek Cianfrance made quite a name for himself in 2010 with Blue Valentine along with helping make Gosling a household name. In his newest film The Place Beyond the Pines, he tells the story of Luke (Ryan Gosling), a motor cage rider in a travelling carnival, who is trying to provide for his family by any means necessary. Like Blue Valentine, Pines is extremely well-crafted and wins points for its realistic portrayal of damaged and flawed individuals as it tells a gripping multi-generational story across its uncommon triptych narrative structure.

The Place Beyond the Pines has been acclaimed at nearly every festival including its amazing success last year at the Toronto International Film Festival. Go,See,Talk got to sit with Derek and he gave us an insightful look into the film which is very personal to him.

Written and directed by Derek Cianfrance and starring Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper, Eva Mendes and Dane DeHaan, The Place Beyond the Pines will be released this Friday on April 5th, 2013.

Phenomenally received at its premiere at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival,THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES is the highly anticipated new drama from director Derek Cianfrance (“Blue Valentine”). The film powerfully explores the consequences of motorcycle rider Luke’s (Academy Award® nominee Ryan Gosling) fateful decision to commit a series of robberies to support his child. The incidents render him targeted by policeman Avery (Bradley Cooper), and the two men become locked on a tense collision course which will have a devastating impact on both of their families in the years following.