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New vs. Used – How Do You Buy Your Movies?

As movie a self-proclaimed “movie fanatic”, I can tell you that I have been watching movies all my life. Along the way I’ve acquired up a library I’m pretty proud of that I believe reflects my tastes quite nicely, if I do say so myself. Now I’m not bragging but own a lot of DVD/BD titles. Yet it has been a long road to get where I am and it didn’t happen in one day I can tell you that.

I would bet that anyone reading this far probably is in the same boat. But the question I want to ask today is “How did you acquire your beloved library?” Further, and more to the point, “Do you buy new or used?

This is a debate, I have found, that does not yield solely a one-sided answer. Reason being is that it exists on a playing field with so many variables. I guess the question I should follow this up with a concept question which is to ask “Is the shrink-wrap worth it to you?

For years I held off buying new DVDs because to me (as I was in college at the time) they were very expensive. $25 is a lot for a student, especially when it would I could buy a hell of a lot of beer for the price of one new movie. Also the “special features” we really lame and not nearly not as abundant as they are today, making those titles of the time nothing more than digital VHS transfers (or dumps). In my mind, that’s just not worth it.

I bought “used” for years because the discs still play the same and I don’t think that opening the shrink-wrap yourself is worth whatever the DVD was priced. Especially if you could get it for close to half off the retail price once it was opened. Some people may turn their nose up at the idea of a “used DVD” but in the case of digital discs, this is nearly a can’t lose scenario. After all, it’s not like you’re buying a used car that may need maintenance down the road…it’s a plastic disc that can take a hell of a beating as proven by some of the Netflix rentals I’ve had in my house. Yikes!

Along the way to my current DVD/BD collection, there were few movies I really wanted to shell out the money for and open it myself (little conscious win there). Most times the only truly new DVDs were gifts at Christmas or on birthdays. Other times, I was just fine with used.

But on-line retailers, especially Amazon (and Ebay if you want to put in the time) really changed things up as you can get titles at great prices. I wouldn’t pay $28 in Best Buy if I could get it for $17…and if I didn’t need it right away (which most times I don’t) free shipping is a steal especially when their 5-9 day shipping time is really more like 3 to 4 days.

Where as I would laugh at how sickeningly overpriced Blockbuster movies were, I would happily go to raid their tent sales and purchase 3 titles for 20 bucks a few moths after the new releases ceased to be “new” anymore. Hey, a deal is a deal. Period.

So over the last 10 years, I may have been “nickel and dimeing it” and scoping used CD/DVD stores for deals like a refugee, but when the opportunity presented it, I’d actually break down and buy something brand spanking new. Fast forward to today, I have a much better paying job than I did out of college but I still I buy plenty of  “used” titles. Saving 5 bucks on 3 DVD/BD titles will allow you to buy another title…and I’d call that a win:) Also I’m one hell of an Amazon.com proponent. At their prices, buying new is like buying used, except you get that giddy feeling of taking the shrink-wrap off yourself. It’s the simple things in life you treasure:)

So as long as they don’t come up with another format anytime soon, I’ll keep up my old habits. Hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it right? But I guess where I’m going with this is just to re-ask the question I posed above “How do you buy your movies?” And further, “What constitutes your decision?


  • Encore Entertainment

    I buy used because it’s cheaper, if I’m feeling particular spendthrift-y I buy new ones though. (It really does feel good to take off the shrink wrap on your own).

    • Marc

      Yup, totally in the same boat! I bought used when I was trying to build my library but now that I have nearly every movie I ever wanted I too can get a little spend-thrifty. I’ll buy some titles ‘new’ after seeing it in theaters…but only if I think it’s worth it 🙂 Thanks very much for the comment!!

    • saga

      USED. they are a lot cheaper and it doesnt matter if its opened or not. but i m feeling thrifty or if the movie is really rare or a great colletible, then i get new ones.

      • Marc

        Agreed Saga, if I want something really special, I buy new. But I always buy Blu Ray titles new…but again, for special ones and only if I can get a deal:P

    • Xon

      For me, it is previously viewed, unless it’s a special
      version (which rarely shows up at stores beyond the initial release).
      I haven’t ventured into Amazon of Ebay yet, but I’ve been
      fortunate in finding old movies at store closures at a
      bargain price.
      And any defective DVD’s can often be replaced or credited
      at any of the stores that remain open.
      Kinda like a Treasure Hunt

      • Marc

        Yeah, it is tough to find a marked down special edition after its release. Most times they’re in limited issue and snapped up by hungering fans (not unlike myself:P)

  • skykid

    Recently I have been receiving DVD films to review from free. But when my blog was not that well known I would have either purchase a second hand movie or look for promotions in the stores. I still buy some second hand movies and have no problems with that – my only problem actually is digging trough the huge piles to find a title that is of interest for me. But when I do I get it for one euro – which is quite a deal. I can`t afford the new releases being priced over 25 EUR …to me that price i unjust and its OK for cine , but for a DVD release – regardless of the film on it.

    • Marc

      Yeah I have to agree with you. Buying second hand is almost my first choice…despite my need to buy fewer films to finish my collection. With prices of everything going higer, it makes more sense to find deals on things. To me there’s two sides of the coin: either feel good about saving money on used, or buying new and feeling giddy about the newness of the purchase. You win either way but it costs too much to consistently do both I think…

      But wow, 25 euro to see a film in the cinema? Do they offer financial aid?:P But really, is that the price for a regular film? Is 3D or IMAX more money?

  • Film Addict

    All in my collection are new. Most that I buy are older titles…and were on sale. Example I bought Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Donnie Darko DVD bundled together for USD 14.50…thats pretty reasonable right?

    • Marc

      That’s a pretty good deal actually:) But it’s tough to alphabetize your collection when your DVD case is a “Double Feature DVD”:)

      • Film Addict

        Yeah…I have some of those Double Feature DVDs…mostly of the classics…that I otherwise wouldn’t have bought on its own… and I usually alphabetize them by the first movie.

        But the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Donnie Darko DVDs…they were actually in their own respective cases…just shrink-wrapped together and sold as a bundle.

        Just wondering…how much does a DVD generally cost when u buy them used?

        • Marc

          Used copies of new releases run about 12-16 bucks, depending on where you get them. For used movies, I mostly go to a place called “Movie Trading Company”. They also sell some overstock titles and ones they want to get rid of for 5 to 9 bucks. So you can get pretty good deals.
          They also sell, “no art” DVDs for 3 to 4 bucks…which is OK if you keep you movies in a binder and not on shelves. Me I like to showcase my titles, so I only buy the “no art” ones when I feel like picking up a title that I really don’t think it worth having on the shelf or one I wont watch very often…i.e. a guilty pleasure or something. I’ll keep those titles on an old DVD spindle. (Movies like Driven, Bait, The Four Feathers and Bad Boys II to name a few).

      • Charles

        No it’s not, you just use the first title of the disk. Used is the best way to go. I live of of Amazon.com and have even sold titles that I no longer wanted.

        • Marc

          Yup, the inevitable weeding out. But that lets you replenish them with titles you do want or updated/BRD version of stuff you have previously.

  • Ross McG

    I buy my movies based on the fact that Gerard Butler, Martin Lawrence and Vince Vaughn aren’t in them.
    another day, another IMDb HitList – good job Marc!

    • Marc

      Interesting criteria…I’d have to agree with you…except for a few Gerard movies, well just one actually:)

      But thanks Ross! I didn’t think this had the chops to get picked…maybe they just liked my creative graphic at the top:P I guess it just goes to show you can never tell what will make the list. This makes 4 and I still feel so honored every time they pick me!

    • M.T.

      I get mine used as well. http://www.swapadvd.com is a great site. You post the dvds you are no longer interested in, and get credit for each one someone claims. Then, for each credit, you claim one from someone else. All you’re out is the postage.

      I generally get good deals at Amazone new & used, but rarely buy at ebay. I’ve been burned a few times with copies.

      • Marc

        That’s an awesome site. Never heard of it before now. thanks for the heads up M.T.! Looks like the perfect place to go when I have to weed out my collection again.

        I’ve been burned on Ebay too but never for DVDs. I don’t buy used titles on Ebay. I only buy used when these the possibility to take it back to an actual store if it doesn’t play. In Texas a great place to go is called Movie Trading Company.

  • Jeff Wilder

    Very rarely do I buy used unless I’m looking for something a tad on the obscure side that would be otherwise hard to find. Usually though I wait until the prices have gone down on the new released ones unless I go to a place where the new releases are on sale. The one recent exception was Precious which I paid full price for at Best Buy although recently I also bought Aliens (the director’s cut) and Seven for $5.00 each at BB and Wal-Mart respectively. BB is where I do most of my DVD shopping. Bought the Director’s cut of Blade Runner and the 30th anniversary edition of Taxi Driver there for $14.00 each as opposed to the $20.00 they would’ve cost at the Borders Books and Music next door (before Borders faced out music and movies aside from new releases). I always look on the discounted DVD racks to see if there are any good ones on sale in the $5.00 to $9.00 range.

    • Marc

      Used is a good way to get a title that when I don’t think it’s worth full price or for something I won’t watch but on rare occasions…or something obscure like you mentioned.

      Awesome you’ve had great luck at Best Buy. I’ve not found many deals there unless it’s around the holidays. I got both seasons of Extras for about $8 each…I thought was was just fine by me:) Thanks for stopping by Jeff!

  • Chasmosaur

    I try to buy new DVD’s when they are on sale or discounted. The only time I buy used is if I can look at the DVD first. I bought some used DVD’s from an online vendor once who assured me they were in good condition, and they were heavily scratched and didn’t play well in several different players.

    • Marc

      Good point, some players are not as forgiving as others and it’s not worth buying a used title only to get home and find you have to go back and get another.

  • will

    depends..if its a movie i missed in the theaters and really want to see i buy it new. but mostly i wait for my local video store to put out old rentals

    • Marc

      But if you missed it in the theaters, how would you be certain you’d like it at home buying it blind? I almost bought The Hostage because I thought just because it starred Bruce Willis, it’d be awesome. I was wrong…and I saved 25 bucks:)

  • Leon CC

    when it comes 2 movies my wife and i have a collection of 478 dvds and 12 Blu-ray dvds we buy them when ever we find a store going out of business. cds is about the same way only there is over 600 of them at last check. cds i prefer 2 buy new on sale import 2 iTunes and not have 2 get the cd out again riped at iTunes best cd level. blu-rays we prefer 2 only get the every best movies that come out that way. ex directors cut and or extended versions. all the kids movies are just dvds so it can play in any of the friends and familys dvd players. when we buy used dvds there are 3 things we look for 1 dvd must have all paperwork and case if no no more them $2 on the movie. 2 are they on sale were you can get 3 or more for $20 or less. 3 the most important one you must get 2 look at the dvd if used and there can be NO deep scratches, cuts, or makes no more than 20% of the dvd can have these marks or put it back and walk away.

    • Marc

      The going out of business, or store closing, are the best times to vulture some titles. I did that when a Blockbuster closed near my house. I got like 20 titles for about 50 bucks…that’s like 2.50 a title SCORE:)

      I also totally agree about special or director’s cuts on blu ray…those titles I want to be the only person who’s handled them…except for the people who packaged them of course:P

  • Sally

    I buy all my DVDs used from amazon. I’ve gotten some really fantastic deals (99c Departed!). I’ve never found any of my used dvds to be of lesser quality of any new dvds that I’ve received for gifts. The only problem that I’ve had with buying used DVDs from amazon is that the shipping costs are sometimes more expensive than the DVD itself.

    • Marc

      Wow, Departed for 99 cents? I never got any that cheap. Nice work but was that was through one of their referred dealers right? Not Amazon proper?

  • Amber

    Also found you on the IMDb HitList! Great question that I actually feel strongly about. Sure, I buy some movies new (I couldn’t wait to get my brand new copy of Monster Squad in it’s first DVD release. Yeah, I’m wierd, I admit it), but I’m not made of money. So, I go to the pawn shops down the street. You’d be amazed at the stuff you can find there. And the movies are 3 for $10. I found these awesome Russian movies called Night Watch and Day Watch, and I got Hot Fuzz, Serenity and Kung Fu Hustle, all at my local pawn shop just to name a few titles in my eclectic collection. But for TV shows, which I also collect, I like to buy used from Amazon. I got all 4 current seasons of Supernatural for $60. And that’s what you’d pay for one season at Best Buy. So, yeah, I’m all for buying used whenever you can. I have quality and quantity in my collection because of that. Well, it’s quality to me anyway.

    • Marc

      True, that’s the quickest way to get a large collection…unless you’ve got a trust fund at your disposal:P

      Like I said, a deal is a deal and saving money here means you can put it somewhere else…Of course in the past I got so focused on getting deals I was getting titles for their price, not really for their quality. I’ve had to weed out about 20% of my collection over a few years because I just wasn’t watching some…or as I got older I realized they were crap:)

  • TommyT

    Most of the DVDs I have were purchased new, I’m a fairly serious movie collector & I’ve always wanted to have a collection that was made up of the absolute best films I like. Of course, that philo hasn’t stopped me from picking up titles that are NOT what I’d consider timeless movies – I’m a fiend for action films w/grandiose visual & sound FX, where lotsa stuff gets blowed up real good!

    So far I’ve gotten 2 DVD titles that were used: Spidey 2 & The Spy Who Loved Me. I’ve also given away several titles over the yrs when I replaced ’em with improved versions – these go mostly to my friends & family if I think they’d like to have them. Otherwise, I’ll donate them to my local public library.

    Newest thing, of course, is blu-ray – I just won’t buy plain DVDs anymore. Most of the 20+ titles I’ve collected since last Xmas have been replacements of the best of the best from my DVD collection & the only blind-buy I’ve gotten so far is Dr Zhivago (I’ve only seen bits of it over the yrs, never the whole film!!). One title I absolutely regret buying on BD tho, is 28 Days Later which has never had a very good transfer on disc – I’d hoped they’d fix it permanently for blu-ray but such was not the case.

    In the end, I don’t mind paying retail prices for a title. Discs last a while & if I’m leery of buying a blu-ray movie I’ll get it from Netflix to see if it meets my standards for image.

  • Mike

    It’s amazing, used 1’s and 0’s look exactly like the new ones and zeros!
    Go figure!

    • Marc

      Yeah, unless you get your kicks taking the shrink wrap off yourself, used is as good as new:)

  • Cal

    218 movies on your shelf? I’ve got more than double that in DVDs (around 500), and I have about 190+ HD/Blu-ray titles alone…about 55 HD DVDs and the rest Blu-Rays.

    I prefer the open the shrinkwrap, but I’ve imported a lot of BRs from the UK especially and the US, pretty much because the BR is not available here, just the DVD which is a total cop out. JB HiFi has good deals most of the year, you just need to be vigilant and keep eyes pealed, and hold out if you can, because with the way DVDs went, there’ll always be an improved/extended/ultimate edition around Christmas time. The only way nowadays in double-dipping is you know of the ultimate edition and choose to buy barebones like with everyone in the world did with Avatar.

    I’ve only bought like, 15 exrentals in my entire life, but with BRs and the extra layer of protective plastic I don’t mind anymore. Each Blu-Ray I’ve bought (four all up I think) I’ve just used toilet paper to clean the gunk off it. I always thought it was a scratch but it’s always just gunk. I clean that off and it’s like new. Awesome.

    • Abby

      I buy a lot of used discs and ex-rental discs (in LD circles we always made that distinction because there’s used and then there’s >used<). Lately, all the brick and mortar rental stores have been closing (three so far this year- there are about that many left) and I have been cleaning up. I've purchased a couple hundred titles for two or three bucks apiece.

      But I also buy new. My strategy is to set a price I'm willing to pay for a title and then buy it when it show up with that price on it. I'll wait until it does, or I'll move my price point if I decide it's worth it to me. I have a huge backlog of discs to watch, so I can wait a long time. 🙂

      • Marc

        Good idea Abby…but for me, I’m getting to the point where I’ve either owned and sold or still own almost every title I’ve wanted to buy. Now I’m just on the hunt for new movies that I liked in theaters. Problem there is the subject of the post. Does it deserve a full price purchase or should I hold off? Iron Man 2?…NEW. Date Night?…USED

    • Marc

      Oh a pissing contest huh?:) Take a closer look there’s over 400. That photo was taken 6 months ago and doesn’t reflect where I stand now. About 450 plus and about 200 on a spindle that are either bought as “No Art” DVDs or ones that I just don’t want to display (ie Get Carter, Go, Road Trip). But you have me at the Blu Ray titles…holy shit…you win there Cal:)

      I can see your point about waiting and seeing the special/ultimate versions and that makes sense. Problem with me is that with all the content on some titles I own, it’d take a day and half to get through it all on just one title alone. I am finding since i have less time these days (wife, house, dogs, etc) I’m starting to go the “Vanilla” route (no features) and just buying them used. A stripped down version is never worth a new price.

      Yeah Blu Rays take a lot more beating and do clean up pretty well. Thanks for stopping by! Here’s to future acquisitions:)

  • Albert

    You say you bought your DVD’s used for a long time. Didn’t you ever have any trouble playing one of them? We rented one from Blockbuster and it drove us crazy because it froze up all the time. I myself have a couple of DVD’s with scratches on them, which I would love to be able to remove, but I have read only very strange solutions to this – toothpaste, peanut butter, Brasso. I have to wonder if the people who post these solutions are simply putting us on, or if they have temporarily lost their minds.

    • Marc

      Hey Albert, I bought nearly 90% of my used titles at a place here in Texas called Movie Trading Company (its a chain but I don’t know how many states they’re in). They have pretty good criteria for accepting to buy peoples used titles, therefore buying used titles from them you’re almost guaranteed a scratch free disc. On rare occasions, if you do get a disc that won’t play, you can take it right back. That was a plus for me because the store was almost right across the street from me.

      Netflix used to sell their titles but they stopped and the 3 or 4 I bought came to me in great condition.

  • Sloan

    @ Cal -until recently I was the proud owner of 1100 DVD’s-not counting box sets. Having lost my job I moved to a smaller place so I got rid of duds. I use a mixture of places:
    Amazon.com -few places beat them in used/new it can’t be beat! I got The Hangover new for $9.00 +$4.00 shipping. And they have an great system in place if a seller on the site rips you off!

    DeepDiscounts.com-great for new releases and back titles. Often with free shipping.

    In NYC you go to Entertainment Outlet-ALWAYS low prices on new releases and older titles as low as $5.00 !
    I’ve been buying used and new when possible new -new releases. I got Star Trek for $11 online new! With a buffing machine any used disc can be fixed-plus I hate the Digital Disc crap that raises the price of most new releases.

  • Jimbo

    If you’re going to write an article, please spellcheck, it seems as if the world has gotten dumb and has forgotten to edit their work.

    • Marc

      Spell check used and only two errors found were words it didn’t recognize “sickeningly” and “dimeing”.

      Thanks a bunch “grammar police”, don’t get too intoxicated by your own authority:P

  • Annie

    I buy used and sometimes new, like you depending on the title, and if I’m willing to wait. But I buy used from video rental stores like Hollywood Video and sometimes Blokcbuster. It’s a lot cheaper, there’s a guarantee if the disc doesn’t work, you can exchange for a new one, and there’s no shipping and handling charges. It’s win-win.

  • Mark Ramey

    I buy a lot of used, especially now that Hollywood Vidoe is shuttering all of it’s stores. . .
    I’ve bought new, for things that I didn’t want to wait for. Most of the BluRays I own were bought on sale, some classics for as little as $9.99. NOW that some distributors are packaging a BluRay AND a DVD @ just under $20 I have bought more new titles and more BluRays.
    My HD set isn’t huge and it’s 720P so I don’t see a huge difference from the sofa between up-converted DVD and BluRay.
    Plus it takes some of that “video” curse off of some of the OVER enhanced titles.

  • vadermccandless

    I buy a lot used, but I use coupons and sales to get new titles all the time as well. Warner Bros’ DVD2Blu program is pretty nice, and I just upgraded a few of my favorite titles to Blu-ray through that. The Warner Archives is awesome as well, but pricey! I’ve only purchased DVDs there with coupons or special offers. I stick to yard-sales, record stores and places like FYE to get used DVDs or BDs. Sometimes I’ll bite the bullet and get the flashy new release (the special edition of Wall Street a few years ago, the Harry Potter films, both DVD releases of the original Star Wars trilogy) but usually I cherry-pick the best used films I can find. Amazon and Ebay are great as well, for both new or used, you can’t beat most of those prices!

    • Marc

      I’ve done that DVD2Blu and while the price was nearly a steal, it sure takes a while to get your order. What’s with the 5 week wait?

  • Bryan

    I have 1300 dvd’s and I would say maybe only about 50 were bought used. Usually when I take them to trade in, I might get something else, or when a place is closing.

    When it comes to double features I usually use the reason they are put together. If it was Hellraiser and Wolfen packaged togeter, it goes in H for horror, or if the actor is the reason ect.

    • Marc

      Wow Bryan, looks like we have a new heir to the throne. Damn son, 1300? But can you name them all? I can with mine:P No not really:)

      Yeah raiding a place prior to closing is a great time but unless you get there early, you’ll find slim pickings.

  • Noel W

    I would very much like to buy secondhand DVDs and BDs via Amazon, but usually find from Australia the postage and handling costs from the US are so high (about $11US) that going for the new disc works out at around the same cost. Interestingly Amazon UK charge about half what the US site does for postage and handling, and deliveries from the UK are usually faster.

    • Karol

      I buy a mixture. If it is a movie I really enjoyed in the cinema, I’ll buy the new copy. If it was a movie I liked but no rush into owning it then I get the used copy. Alot of my DVDs come from blockbuster when they have those 3/$20 or 4/$20 deals. I find myself buying movies I haven’t watched before during those deals. The reason I buy them is because for a dollar or two more I can own the movie instead of renting it. I also like it when Best Buy or Target have the $4-7 bin.

      • Mary

        Well, there are degrees. There used to be “See it in the Theater”, “Watch on DVD”, and “Wait for Cable.” Now that we’ve got the Bluray player, each movie gets a rating according to how much we want to see it and whether or not the effects are worth paying the Bluray price for. So the rating scale went to Theater, Bluray, DVD, used DVDs, Cable, and “Would only watch if nothing else was on.” 🙂 I just hope they keep the Bluray players able to play regular DVDs like the one we’ve got. Otherwise I’d have to completely restock my collection. And as it is, some of my favorite older TV shows still aren’t even on DVD yet!

        • Charlotte

          I used to only buy new–until I discovered the magic of ebay and Amazon. Now it’s so hard to shell out 20 bucks in a store when I know if I just go home and click around a little bit I can find the exact same thing for 10 dollars less. There are exceptions, though. I really dislike buying used from Blockbuster because of their cases, but if it’s a movie I’m not particularly attached to then I’ll make the sacrifice (chick flicks I want to own just to be able to watch with friends on Saturday nights fall into this category). I’ll also shell out a little extra for special editions–I’m a sucker for anything that slides out of a glossy cover and folds open into 2 discs and a paper insert, like my editions of Moulin Rouge and Fight Club. Ultimately, it depends on how flush I’m feeling at the time and how excited I am about the particular title I want to buy.

        • Marc

          I doubt that Blu Ray players would ever stop being backwards compatible. However the newer PS3s have stopped being able to play PSX and PS2 games so you never know.

          If they do come out with a format beyond Blu Ray (which I would bet on purely streaming content) we’ll be like our grand parents with piles of DVD/BRDs lying around like their old VHS tapes:)

      • Marc

        100% agree Karol. Especially on the ” for a dollar or two more I can own the movie instead of renting it.”

        Also I too took a chance once or twice buying a movie I’d never seen just because the price was low enough, and I ended up loving the movie:)

    • Marc

      Haven’t had experience buying internationally but in some countries where the titles are marked super high, even with international shipping, you can get a better deal.

      Our editor Rob lives in Japan and buys from the American Amazon and its still cheaper than buying a “US import” in stores over there.

  • Marc

    I have been wary about Ebay. Not because of quality (only buy from someone with super high feedback of 98% or higher) but when you think you’re getting a deal, then you either lose the auction from a sniper or you end up paying more than you wanted, that fails to seem like a good deal.

    But I’m 200% with you on Amazon…I only wish I had utilized in the volume I do so much sooner than now:P

    Also, I’m like you, I totally hate the Blockbuster cases…with a passion!

  • Abby

    Wait- people were comparing sizes of collections? I’m way the heck over 1300: http://web.ics.purdue.edu/~ab/dvd/. If my MyMovies is up-to-date (some titles aren’t in the IMDb, etc.) that’s about 2300 as of now.

    I log every purchase and what I paid, so I guess I could figure out the new to used ratio. Hadn’t done that. I do periodically figure out my average cost per movie over recent time periods. It’s really low now because I just bought 120 at 6/$5. 🙂 So long, Movie Gallery! All your videos are belong to us!

    • Marc

      Well we give up, you win…but tell me this: how can you have C.H.U.D. in your library and not G.I. Joe the Rise of Cobra?:P
      Hahahaha, nice reference to Zero Wing btw:) But damn, you picked up 120 titles in one sitting? Did you have 700 dollars that was just burning a hole in your pocket?

      • Abby

        At 6/$5, that was $100. Got a couple of other things too (BDs and higher tier titles that cost a little more).

        Would’ve picked up GI Joe if it had been there at that price. 🙂

        • Marc

          Ohhh, 6 for $5…I thought the slash meant that each title was either 5 or 6 dollars. 100 is much more attractive price:) Good lord, when will you ever watch all those films??

          • Abby

            I’m hoping sheer force of will will keep me alive forever. (“I can’t die! There are still a bunch of Full Moon movies I haven’t seen!”) That and I need to get my money’s worth out of my wildly-overbudget home cinema.

          • Albert

            I always, always buy new. I am too wary of being burned (no pun intended0 by buying used products. I have even become wary of buying CD’s from online Z-shops (or whatever it is they’re called now). I got an out-of-print CD once with the shrink wrap torn, and sure enough, it skipped on one of the tracks. However, I discovered that it did not skip on my other player, so I never bothered to return it.