Desert Island DVDs…The Elite Eight

Joining in a multi-blog topic started by the sweet site Fandango Groovers, today’s post is a fun cinematic exercise. Andy asked us to give our input on the following hypothetical situation: “Were you to be stranded on a Desert Island, what 8 films would you take with you?”…provided they had electricity, a decent video set up and your choice of movie candy and adult beverages of course:)

Thinking long and hard about this, I have tried to come up with 8 films which I can neither live without, or get tired of seeing. But after about an hour, it was easier than I thought because these are 8 of 10 films I carry on my phone everywhere I go. Keep in mind, these aren’t my absolute favorites (well a few are) but they’re just ones I don’t mind watching over and over and over. So to answer the hypothetical and give you G-S-T readers an idea of what kind of film treats I carry in my pocket everyday, behold…


Big Trouble in Little China – No other character defines action hero to me than the legendary Jack Burton. Sure you’ve got Indiana Jones and James Bond, but what do they have that Jack Burton doesn’t? An actual contribution to the action. In every scene Jack does nothing and the movie still moves forward. For a hero he sure avoids a lot of the action wouldn’t you say? I just love this movie…Tattoo, bring me another Margarita. I’ve just landed on Fantasy Island and I’m gonna watch BTILC!!


Shaun of the Dead – The best thing to happen to zombies since George Romero. End quote. The jokes were layered perfectly and the humor was cyclical. The new standard for spoof movies if you ask me.


The Hangover – Hands down, one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen. People always say it but for this movie, I totally mean it. From the beginning, the jokes came on and never let up. The unlikely trio brought their own brands of humor and worked in a way I don’t think anyone expected. “Does my hair look cool like Phil’s?


Back to the Future – Time traveling hijinx and adventure at its very best. Nuff said:)


The Fifth Element – Classic Bruce, classic Besson and a really hot Milla Jovovich. What more do you want? OK, how about fine performances from Ian Holm and the always awesome Gary Oldman? Still not convinced? Then let’s top this off with a Chris Tucker who was really quite enjoyable and Deebo as the President?? Wow, this movie is just a home run!!


Risky Business – Young non-arrogant Tom Cruise, young Rebecca De Mornay, Guido the Killer Pimp and the world’s most recognizable underwater Porsche. “I like that old time rockn roll!”


Transformers – One of the very best live action TV show adaptations that really made me feel like a kid again. Epic in scale, fun for all ages and drop dead gorgeous CGI. “I bought a car. Turned out to be an alien robot. Who knew??


Ghost Busters – The original fearsome foursome, kicking slime in half the time. Classic. Movie. Period.


If I ever board Oceanic Flight 815, I will bring the above films with me without hesitation:) Again I have to stress and admit, that they are not my favorite movies (otherwise I would bring Casablanca, Gladiator, Road to Perdition, The Rocketeer, and Rocky in place of a few on this list) but like the point of this post, I can watch these over and over and over without getting bored. Damn, just writing about these is making me want to watch them all right now. Stewardess, what time do we board the plane??


  • Castor

    Nice Desert Island collection! I see you really like those 80’s flicks. I agree with you, it’s all about rewatch-ability and I went that way as well!

    • Marc

      As a product of the 80’s it’s nearly my comfort era of film and yes, re-watchability was paramount in deciding. Thinking about the list, I didn’t want to bring classics because I didn’t want to wear them out. I’d much rather watch Big Trouble in Little China til the end of time than get bored of (dread the thought) Casablanca, ya know?:P

  • Aiden R

    Love that you have Fifth Element up there. I feel like such a poser as I’ve never seen Big Trouble in Little China, but some day, some wonderful day, I will see it. Great picks, man. Well done.

    • Marc

      It was either Die Hard or Element, and to me, I thought I’d enjoy Bruce’s “space Die Hard” rather the the earth bound version:P

      Don’t worry Aiden, BTILC will always be there…and btw the BluRay version is one of the cleanest transfers of an 80’s flick I’ve seen yet. So it’s a treat for the eyes and you’ll be quoting it for days. That’s what I ‘d call a double bonus:)

  • Olive

    Great list once again! The Fifth Element, I’m with Aiden, love that you included that.
    Same with The Hangover, finally saw that gem a few weeks ago, hilarious:)

    • Marc

      Element is one of my underwatched favorites. Damn I love that movie:)

      Also, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of the Hangover. There’s just so much humorous content in it that I’ll enjoy all the live long day. Welcome to G-S-T Olive!!

  • rtm

    What, no Rocketeer??! I’m disappointed in you, Marc 🙂 Kudos on Shaun of the Dead, it is a fun flick though I’d probably opt for Hot Fuzz for a Pegg/Frost combo because it’s got you-know-who in it, he..he..

    • Marc

      Oh, Ruth, I knew I’d get flack from you…that’s why I put the disclaimer at the bottom to avoid the wrath of RTM:)

  • Kai B. Parker

    Dude, Marc… this is the greatest list I’ve seen all day. Hope are islands are nearby one another! Shaun of the Dead made my list as well.
    PS. It’s all in the reflexes!!!

    • Marc

      Kai, you fatter me. With all the great blogs on this project mine is the greatest? You probably hadn’t made it all the way down the list then huh?:)

      P.S. We really shook the pillars of heaven didn’t we Wang?

  • Heather

    What I liked about your list is how whimsical it is. It embodies the spirit of movies that you would literally be able to stomach watching for eternity. Not necessarily the msartest movies, but most entertaining and enjoyable.

    Hell I have Tremors and Bad Boys on mine!

    • Marc

      Wow, whimsical? That’s awesome Heather, your comment is oh so kind:) True, if I’m gonna be there for a while (i.e. forever) I’d not want to watch Ben Hur or Schindler’s List til infinity. I’d rather laugh at The Hangover. “Is this hotel pager friendly?”

      • Heather

        Someone should create another list concept like this, it was a lot of fun, especially the sharing.

        • Marc

          How about, “Terrible Movies You Would Send Your Relatives Instead of FruitCake for Christmas”? That could be a lot of fun…but perhaps too easy?

    • Marc

      Ross, make your way to my little corner of the world anytime! BTW did anyone establish where on the planet our island would be? With all these islands, you’d think we were in Dubai:P

  • mcarteratthemovies

    Heather’s right — your list is decidedly whimsical, and I like that. I mean, we’re on a DESERTED ISLAND. Why waste time being serious?

    Haven’t seen “Back to the Future” on anyone else’s list yet, but what a great choice.

    You totally threw me for a loop with “Transformers,” though I admire your boldness for a) liking it at all and b) putting it on your list! 🙂

    • Marc

      It was either that or G.I. Joe and I thought I’d enjoy CGI Optimus Prime as opposed to Joseph Gordon Levit…trust me it was not an easy choice. It’s so tough to deny JGL:(

      But, wow, two whimsical comments in one day??…ladies, ladies please, this is too much:) Thank you kindly as you have inflated my day and my ego!!

        • Marc

          Well at least you’re holding fast to your opinions!! A strong opinion is important…I have to keep telling myself that because I do, in fact, like G.I. Joe: Rise of the Corba:P

  • Alex

    Mmm I am enjoying the high representation of the 80’s and 90’s scifi-action-comedy here. It seems like no matter what you’ll be having a really fun, at-times very loud time on your island! Paaaaaarty!

    • Marc

      Yeah, I wanted my island paradise to be as fun as possible. I love other films more than these but I wanted to keep things from being too heavy or thought provoking. Simple pleasures for a simple island:)

      • Alex

        I did basically the same thing. Who needs to think too hard about movies when you’ve got enough to worry about just with surviving?

        • Marc

          Precisely. On the island please enjoy sun, sand surf and check your sandals and brains at the door:P

  • fandangogroovers

    Some great choices and Transformers! The only positive thing I can say about Transformers is that it isn’t Transformers 2! Thanks for taking part by the way.

    • Marc

      Thanks Andy! So awesome of you to set this up. But holy crap, that’s the best and probably funniest opinion about Transformers that I’ve ever heard!!! Have a good one bud!

  • Steve

    Fifth Element?! Me too! Big Trouble in Little China?! So great to see people still respect the classics! “A 6 demon bag? What’s that egg?” I dunno about Shaun of the Dead edging out Hot Fuzz, but your island shall be rocking nonetheless.

    This is an awesome list! Pure entertainment value!

    • Marc

      Well, swim over anytime…I’d like to call my island “Phloston Paradise”…in homage if you couldn’t tell:P Also BTILC usually tops most lists where it is applicable to add it.

      But thanks for the comment! Seems even though I thought I shot low-brow with these entries, a lot of people are liking it. So that makes me smile:)

  • Ross McD

    Haha lazy Jack Burton – never noticed that before, great spot.
    Watched Transformers again last night, it really is sh*te and superb all at the same time.
    They really couldve done without Sector 7 and the hot aussie hacker. Actually scrap the humans altogether…

    • Marc

      Agree totally with S7 being a waste of screentime. But I have to call out my affection for the one saving grace for the humans which was definitely the parents. Just the right amount of comic relief and levity to help you put up with the S7 and the soldiers and Jon Voight.

  • Róisín

    Ghostbusters – Brilliant choice! I love Ghostbusters so much. Definitely worth bringing to the island, as is Back to the Future 🙂

    • Marc

      Thanks for being in agreement Roisin. Funny thing about Ghostbusters is that I grew up with it, loved it, the video game on NES, the cartoon the toys and then I just lost interest in it. Only recently I’ve been coming back to it more and more. I guess the gorgeous Blu Ray transfer might have played a part in that:P

      Quick question…you a fan of the sequel? I’ve grown to like it over all these years even though it is still an inferior sequel…but on the plus side, it is fun and inventive though:)

  • Mad Hatter

    All apologies for not having commented yet – been a bit distracted lately. I really like your choices, perhaps in the way they are so very different from my own (kinda feels weird to be saying that after paying various people compliments for being so similar).

    These selections would easily keep you in good cheer, and likely increase your odds of rescue since potential rescuers would likely hear you laughing for miles off.

    “Ray, when someone asks you if you’re a god you say yes

    Well done young man.

    • Marc

      Thanks a bunch for the comment Hatter!! You got it eactly right. I was trying to go for a more enjoyable type of movie to take my mind off the fact I may never be rescued. But more importantly, Holy Crap!…you have my reciprocal appologies! I can’t believe I missed your name on the list. But I’ll be going to your list right after this comment!

      Side note, whenever one of my friends does something really stupid, I always thrwow out the “What did you do Ray?” quote and it always gets a laugh:P

    • Marc

      Wow, so now it’s official?!? Part of me doesn’t want to see our heroes in their old age, yet seeing Clint and Liam Neeson kick-ass as older gents in their respective flicks, it kind of gives me hope. The fearsome foursome back for a third time? Yup, I’ll see that twice:) Thanks for the heads up!

    • Marc

      Thanks for the comment Ronan. Sure thing, one reason I picked pretty light fared movies is that if someone did wash (or swim) ashore, we could have good time and not debate the complexities of something like Yojimbo or Synechode, New York. And by Godzilla do you mean the Matthew Brodrick and Jean Reno flick or the original Gojira? Either way come on over:) Oh and weclome to Go, See, Talk!

  • Ronan

    Thanks, it nice to be welcomed.

    Oh the more recent Godzilla, definitely, I think its great. I love the bit where Jean Reno asks for coffee and croissants and he is brought donuts and ‘French Roast’.


    • Marc

      Chewing gum…it makes us look more American“. Best line of the move in my opinion!!