Ohhh, Look…Cinema Inspired Bento Boxes

Not too much happening in the film world right now so we thought this Yahoo article/slideshow was worth a look. There’s lots of artists and creative people in the world and many of them consider the kitchen their studio and food their medium. Some of these have been on the web for a while but […]

Ohhh, Look…Voltron Fan Film 'The End'

These days there’s no shortage of 80’s fans and those of us who grew up then have never forgotten our roots. As numerous properties from that decade (read: the most awesomest era ever) have become feature length films, others still are a long way off. Transformers, TMNT, G.I Joe are but a few that have […]

Ohhh, Look…TMNT Fan Film 'Fight the Foot'

Isn’t it funny how things that were popular 25 years ago are now popular again? Well not that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ever completely went away but somethings will never die…especially if you’re a fan of it. Case in point. I found this little TMNT fan film by way of Gordon and the Whale and […]