Ohhh, Look…Cinema Inspired Bento Boxes

Not too much happening in the film world right now so we thought this Yahoo article/slideshow was worth a look. There’s lots of artists and creative people in the world and many of them consider the kitchen their studio and food their medium. Some of these have been on the web for a while but they’re always worth a minute or two to look over. So have enjoy these pint-sized but impressive culinary recreations of some of the film world’s most beloved characters. Enjoy!


Is today a slow day for film news or am I hinting at what my lunch plans are? Guess you’ll find out in about an hour:P For the rest of the non-film based but still awesome looking bento boxes, click here to see the Yahoo article. I think Totoro is the best one, though for simplicity Snowy gets my vote. They both really capture the emotion of the character and who thought you could do that with food? What are your favorites??