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Sweet Trailer…'The Goods'


This movie looks sort of funny and I think it just might have the right amount of wit, independent charm and dumb humor to work.  Although in my viewing experience, films with “redband” trailers just don’t turn out to be very good.  It seems like a studio only puts out a ”redband” trailer when they’re not sure the movie is going to succeed, and they can’t promote it well enough with just an “All Audiences” trailer.

The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard is directed by Neal Brennan,who is making his directorial debut.  His notoriety includes some episodes of “Chappelle’s Show” and the TV movie Totally Awesome previously.  This film’s screenplay was co-written by newcomers Andy Stock and Rick Stempson and will  be released in theaters on August 14th.

Regardless, even though the trailer fell flat towards the end, there were some funny bits I wasn’t expecting and laughed at, so these “newbies” may have something here.  This could be forgettable or it could work.  What do you all think?