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Interview…Jonathan & Josh Baker on Growing Up Down Under and Adventures in Filmmaking

Hey everyone! Hope each of you are safe, sound, and enjoying this global pandemic. What a time to be living in, huh? While there are several things you could do to keep your spirits up in this time of a global crisis (reading, knitting, amateur cage fighting), we have one entertaining suggestion: listen to a 90-minute conversation with Australian-born filmmakers Jonathan & Josh Baker. When it comes to cinema, these guys know their stuff!

We’ve gotten to know the duo over the years, and have tried to help spread the word of their film, Kin, whenever and however we can. Seriously, check it out. The two joined us on a podcast run by our very good friend Bryan Kluger of BoomStickComics.

One thing is for sure, between the four of us, and after waxing poetic about many of the films we mutually love, I think I know who my bunker buddies would be. So bring on the apocalypse. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Now…enjoy the show!!

In our laugh-a-minute discussion, the brothers (aka TWIN) talk about a slew of things from growing up Down Under and making faux trailers for films they loved to coming to America and finding their place in the entertainment industry.

The also drop a ton of tidbits about working with Shawn Levy as well as James Franco (one of the best parts of Kin). Now that is a topic we somehow never got to in our 16-minute interview or 45 minute Q&A during the film’s press tour. Well, we finally got there, and it is gold.

Finally, it’s worth noting that during our breezy chat we also got to know the impressive laundry list of films that have and continue to inspire these brilliant filmmakers. It’s just a shame a little thing like COVID-19 is keeping them (and others in the business) from telling stories the world needs to hear. Thanks to Jonathan and Josh for their time! To everyone else out there – be well!!