Joseph Gordon-Levitt on SNL

Hello World, Marc Here:

While I have been increasingly following the work of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, I must say that guy really can do it all.  A few days ago I wrote an Off the Shelf post about his turn in Brick (which was just sensational), he proved to be the sharpest knife in the drawer for G.I. JOE: The Rise of Cobra (not too hard in that one mind you) and his most recent 500 Days of Summer was his best to date.

This weekend, he was on Saturday Night Live.  I was a little skeptical considering SNL’s bumpy “hit and miss” episodes and not sure how he would fit in with that crew.  But JGL put aside all reservations and just stole the show (although I think he was a little too hyped up and animated at the end there).

So for all you JGL fans out there, please check out the video below where he proved he has talent that just doesn’t quit.  A true showman following in the classy steps of Gene Kelly (and maybe even some Hugh Jackman) he performed a routine that really isn’t easy considering it was Live and in one take.  Such a great personality all the way, the future holds nothing but promise for this fine actor…have a look if you missed it this weekend!!

And for me, here’s what I think was his best skit (and the best of the show).  It’s one clever, hysterical and spot-on spoof…enjoy!!

So what did you all think?  Thoughts? Opinions? Anyone more impressed with JGL now??


  • mcarteratthemovies

    I’m of the camp that, basically, there is nothing this guy can’t do. Sing, dance, act in everything from arthouse thrillers to romantic comedies to noir stuff — he is one of the most talented young actors working today.

    My secret dream? That one day he will star in a movie with — wait for it — Ryan Gosling. Oh, be still me ‘eart.

    • Marc

      Good call on Gosling…actually to piggy back on your idea for a film collaboration, there’s one actor who I think is making a good name for himself. I think Levitt, Gosling and Anton Yelchin (Star Trek, Charlie Barrett) might make a great film together.

  • madhatter21

    Loved his enthusiastic SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN opening. He pulled it off with such energy that I was even able to forgive SNL for helping him cheat the flip and slanting the walls for him. 😉

    • Marc

      Hmm, hadn’t noticed that until you pointed it out…but still great number all around.

      • madhatter21

        My wife and I are both big fans of SINGIN’…and that number in particular. So the moment he started doing it, we both kinda looked at each other and wondered “He gonna try walkin’ up the wall?”

        The moment the walls came into view, it all made sense.

        Still – great performance. Can’t wait to see what movie the guy comes out with next!