Ohhh, Look…Amazing Promo Art for Super-Hero Found Film 'Chronicle'

It seems that found-footage films have certainly found their audience and established a niche market. Whether the end product is good or bad they allow a filmmaker to get their story (also either good or bad) out to the public on a relatively small budget. For me it can be rather hit and miss but one genre not yet explored by this style of filmmaking is that of comic books/superheroes…until now.

Chronicle is a film about three high school kids coming to terms with their superpowers and developing them to their almost endless possibilities. Pretty interesting concept if you ask me. To go along with such an intriguing premise is 20th Century Fox’s awesome ad campaign. After the jump you’ll find a sampling of the impressive minimalist (and officially licensed) artwork to help promote the film. Hopefully get you on board the Chronicle bandwagon, but if not, then they’re still pretty neat pieces of eye candy. Enjoy!

If you liked these, you can check out the rest on their Tumblr page and thanks to /Film for the heads up. Also, in case you missed it the first time, here’s the trailer to let you know what Chronicle is all about.

Chronicle is written by Max Landis (son of John Landis), directed by Josh Trank and opens in a few weeks on February 3rd, 2012. What do you think? Anyone like the artwork at least?


  • Andrew

    Yeah, this flirted with my “15 most anticipated of ’12” list. It just barely missed making it. I think Chronicle looks very promising, though I am quite tired of found footage films. If Trollhunter can make the genre feel vital, though, then there’s no reason this can’t as well, and besides, the Landis (well, Son Of Landis, anyhow) stamp is worth considering.

    I think this could be solid, or it could just end up being another Cloverfield.

    • MarcC

      True the concept is very appealing and hopefully it will be as solid as the trailer. I for one liked Cloverfield but on second and third viewing it does feel thin. Still need to see Troll Hunter…that’s a few down on my Instant Queue.