Ohhh, Look…'Bat Man of Shanghai' from Cartoon Network

Lots of our favorite comic/super heroes have evolved since their first issue or appearance and usually it’s the bold and creative changes that make the most impact. Case in point; Batman has had more face-lifts than Joan Rivers but each time his reinvention or re-envisioning is something special. The video below is no exception. Sure we’ve seen Batman in the future (Batman Beyond) Batman in the past (Gotham By Gaslight), and now we have a new anime version that is as exaggerated as it is outstanding. No words, just watch…

100% dope right? This is part of DC Nation only on Cartoon Network and I soooo want to see more. Currently there is supposed to be a new Batman show airing on Cartoon Network next year called Beware the Batman but this looks incredibly more appealing. Can’t wait to see the whole thing (right now it’s a series of 1:15 clips on Cartoon Network) and with any luck this highly stylized concept might be developed into something like Avatar: The Last Airbender. Fingers crossed but either way I’m sold. What do you think??


    • RidgeRacer4

      Yeah, this level of imagination and out of the box thinking is stunning. Can’t wait to see more also! Thanks for the comment Nick.

  • Andrew Crump

    Neat. But I wonder what the series will say beyond “hey, look, isn’t it nifty to translate Batman into a whole other environment?”.

    • RidgeRacer4

      Well I think that’s the point. A reinterpreted one-off just for fun…but it was a blast but agreed it’d lose the charm if it was all just crazy visuals. Sucker Punch anyone?:P