Ohhh, Look…"Class Pic" from The Oscar Lunch!!

We just got word of this from Twitter and while it’s not exactly news, it’s just pretty cool. Since the Oscars are right round the corner, apparently every year there is an Oscar Lunch where all the nominees are gathered together. Man, that’s one helluva photo op! Have a look below, and click the photo to a much larger high rez version of it.

At first it, looks like an unassuming “class photo” then, one by one, all the stars pop right out. Kind of like Romper Room. I see Chris Nolan and Hans Zimmer and James Franco:P Can you spot them all?

And you get G-S-T bonus points if you can identify the mysterious Fu Man Chu at the lower right. Whaddya think? Pretty neat?

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  • ruth

    Just saw this last night. What’s with the sad face, Joel Coen?? I’m not surprised Bale wasn’t in attendance, kinda make me like him more. He’s definitely an actor more interested in the craft than all the schmoozing that goes on in Hollywood.