Ohhh, Look…In Case You Missed It – Marvel Easter Eggs Leading Up To The Avengers

Now that everyone who got to see The Avengers this weekend helped contriute to its $200.3 Million opening, let me ask you, how did you like it? Well it should be no secret that we loved it. But while it was the culmination of the 6 origin stories that preceded it, it’s not exactly more than the sum of its parts. Hints, references, reveals and Easter Eggs aplenty from the Marvel universe have been carefully placed in each film leading up to The Avengers, but were you able to catch them all?

Hopefully if you haven’t see The Avengers yet, and if it’s been a while since you saw Captain America, Thor, and both the Iron Man & Hulk films, this video will help explain some of the elements at work in Joss Whedon’s amazing adaption. Enjoy!

The guys who put this video together really knew their stuff and even pointed out things that take the Marvel universe well past The Avengers. Here’s hoping all the time spent inserting them in the films in the first place are more than just nods to the fans. With any luck, and thanks to the HUGE opening weekend numbers, we’re likely see more properties beyond The Avengers 2 (which is currently set for release in 2015).

So I’ll ask you all…what did you think of the video? You learn anything you didn’t already know?? Now who’s anxious to see The Avengers again???