Ohhh, Look…Johnny Depp Clip From Gervais/Merchant's 'Life's Too Short'

Last week we posted the trailer for the Ricky Gervais/Stephen Merchant hilarious looking faux-doc TV show Life’s Too Short. We already knew it would contain loads of the duo’s trademark awkward and uncomfortably brash comedy but below is our first look at what we can expect. Have a look after the jump and enjoy this short but snarky exchange that shows that, like an elephant, Johnny Depp never forgets…or forgives.

That made my day but I guess you really have to be a fan of Gervais’ brand of humor but those who do just love his style. So if this video (or this one) doesn’t get you laughing, I suggest doing a little homework. Forget Ricky’s’ foray into American cinema and instead go right to the source. Check out Extras (which this is pretty much an unrelated but lateral continuation of the show) and the brilliant Ricky Gervais: Out of England – The Stand-Up Special. Let that marinate then revisit the clip above. Unfortunately there’s no air date yet but I just can’t wait to see this. How about you all? You fans excited for this??

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