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Random Film Thought of the Day…11.17.09

The Family Guy ‘Empire’ spoof I wrote a few days ago has got me thinking about something I’ve been pondering for years but just now felt like writing about it.  I guess I just needed some inspiration…or a segue.  Now, I don’t think there’s but a handful of people on the Earth that don’t know about Star Wars.  It’s a cultural phenomenon and Mr. Lucas is the mad genius who started it all.  Well, things have changed since old George began with Episode IV and as a fan, (and I know I’m not alone on this) I believe there’s a great number of us who find fault after fault with the prequels.

However, I’ll avoid mentioning the most obvious one being ‘Jar Jar Binks’, skip past the easy second which would be casting (though dialogue is more like it), I’ll overlook the abundance of ‘green screen’ causing most of the “wooden acting” and finally land on what I believe is most damaging to the story: Mediclorians…uggg

George says in the commentary on one of the prequels that his intent was to bring up the Mediclorians in the original trilogy but was never able to do so.  Thankfully that omission made “the Force” all the more mystical.  To find out years later that the only thing making Jedis the uber-badasses they are is a simple blood abnormality kind of killed me inside.  That later made me pose a very important question (which I then supressed as well as the memory of the train wrecks they call ‘prequels’). Now, recalled from many years of ‘prequel denial’ I believe it is finally time to raise the question in hopes that the internet community can help me find any rational reasoning in concocting the ‘Mediclorians as a plot device.  Ahem, here goes:

“If the presence, and further, the abundance of Mediclorians is the sole factor determining the degree to which a being can “feel” and “use the force”, then can’t anyone who gets a blood transfusion from a Jedi (or anyone with a high enough Mediclorian count) then be able to then “feel” and “use the force” as well??”

I always held that, like fate or divine selection, the reason people “feel the Force” is that the Force sought out individuals, not the other way around.  Though I realize the complaining and questioning is pointless since it’s a universal truth that this is just George’s world and we just live in it.  Also, more people love it than hate it so I don’t think any naysayers are going to bring about a change, but I still have my opinions on what works for me and what doesn’t…I guess that’s why the three of us started Go,See,Talk!

So, I’ll put it to you fans out there.  If anyone out there has any thoughts about my question above or if anyone wants to either defend or attack the Mediclorian issue, I’d love to hear any ideas.

P.S. As ludicrous as I think the Mediclorians issue is itself, I’m glad I’m not the only one thinking this way.  Case in point, check out this little video which parodies that stooopid concept poking just a bit of clever fun at the SW universe.  It’s kind of funny so I thought I’d post it…enjoy!


  • FRC Ruben

    The fact that Lucas wanted midi-chlorians and didn’t get around toit, unfortunately, proves that he literally stumbled upon success–like Jim Cameron or Kim Kardashian……….

    • Marc

      Cameron didn’t stumble on his success. The man is such an inspirational visionary that most times is decades ahead of what most of the film world is capable of. He didn’t “get lucky”, he paved his won road.

      Now Kim K is an over-privileged socialite…who had family backing to get her anywhere. I vehemently dislike her for that, but I can’t believe you put her and Cameron in the same sentence.

  • Heather

    That’s ridiculous to say that he stumbled upon his success or James Cameron for that matter. You don’t have to like their ideas, but a degree of respect should be given to each, and to say something as great as Star Wars was an “accident” is even more insulting.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Star Wars isn’t about being perfect, it’s a rampant mess, and furthering the universe with prequels, tv shows, and books has only further fogged the original trilogy that everyone holds so sacredly to, but that is by no means a perfect trilogy either. It’s a silly mess, a silly mess that I love dearly and will defend in spite of itself, just as I dig Lucas even though he often gets in his own way.

    The midichlorian deal is explained a bit more in some of the novels, but not to a degree of understanding, it remains just as elusive and mystifying as the force does. I think the mistake Lucas make with the prequel (and this being one of the larger fumbles) was trying to explain too much. Star Wars wasn’t deep enough that it needed a ton of unveiling or unfolding. Us fans just wanted more fun stories involving characters we love.

    Personally the idea can easily be ignored, OR explained further so as not to ruin anything, but it’s a valid annoyance I believe. I hated that they cast Vader with an annoying kid that I pretty much had to believe became badass because of his midichlorian count. They could have cleared it up more, by making a statement as simple as saying it’s a clear “indication” of one strong with the force, not the ultimate identifier.

    All right, that’s my rant for now.

    • FRC Ruben

      Rant on, my dear.

      I shall proclaim love and affection for the holy trinity, if I have not before, I do here and now. But, it is not so insensible to say that GL stumbled over a briefcase with a billion dollars in it. The fan fiction and the cartoons and the merchandise from IV-VI are so awesomely interesting because they leave a lot of room for interpretation. We get the broad strokes and are allowed the opportunity to color in the picture.

      Suddenly, Vader is not a well-trained, samurai-like, spiritual leader, like Tangina in Poltergeist — he’s a freak of nature with homeopathic tendencies, like Michael Phelps.

      That’s major, and if it was written into IV, V, or VI, do you think that the Holy Trilogy would be Holy?

      • Heather

        As far as the fan fiction and the shock of how big Star Wars actually became? I’ll give you that. I don’t think GL ever bothers to really think ahead and deeply. Frankly he’s always been a big giant kid with kid ideas, and while that sometimes makes for lesser ideas and lesser movies that we had hoped for, it is one of the things I appreciate about him, and the fact that he has a sense of humor about himself.

        Of course everything would have changed if he had made the prequels first! Don’t be silly. He said that was the reason he made them second in the first place. What his original intentions actually were who bloody knows, but I dig the prequels for what they were instead of what they weren’t, though they certainly are not the holy trinity.

        I do take my stand that James Cameron is a damn genius, but I don’t know if I’m sure who KK is. Is she one of those big breasted chicks from one of those E shows? A Paris Hilton type? If so, HOORAY FOR BOOBIES. Ha!

        • FRC Ruben

          Yes. Yes she is.

          KK is the gal that made a sedsx tape w/ Moesha’s brother Ray J. Now she’s famous.

          To fully explain my hatred of Jimmy Cammy, I’ll have to write a post. Let me just summarize it this way:

          Marc, Heather, I respect you both and I’m slightly smitten with Heather, but you’re both out of your gawd damm minds to say what you said about Cameron.


          • Marc

            OK Ruben, it’s Friday and we’ll take any and all opinions. For starters, please tell me just what you find so disapproving about Cameron. I just want to know where you’re coming from. Do you like anything he’s done? Also who, in film circles, do you consider a genius? Heather, you can chime in on this with your answer too…

          • Heather

            I’m certain I’m crazy but not when it comes to my love of Camerons work. I second Marcs questions for you about who’s work you do consider genius, and what films of Camerons do you hate so much. I don’t understand how anyone who likes movies couldn’t appreciate Aliens.

          • FRC Ruben

            Sorry Heather, I know its your fave, but Aliens is one of those movies that annoy me to the point of indifference, but because peeps like it soo much, I hate it that much more.

            I have problems with a guy that always releases movies that are 3 hours long, cheez bawly as hell, effect-heavy and reliant, and peeps call him a genius (it’s been the same damn movie since Aliens!).
            He tells the same story with the same characters over and over again: Strong female, good-looking meathead, crazy meathead, crooked corporate guy, corporate guy with heart of gold, meathead with heart of gold, tough probably lesbian woman.

            I’ve just described Aliens, Titanic, Avatar, The Abyss, and T2 and probably some of the others that I haven’t seen.

            I’ve got problems with the way he markets, the way he comes off in interviews and in the media. I have problems (major problems) with Titanic. I have problems with his director’s cuts. (DC of Abyss is Abyss-mal [heh])

            And Bill Paxson –ugh.

            Also, all of his movies are super peace-nik liberal, anti-corp. While much of this is totally in line with my political views, I’ve noticed that our billionaire friend did an awful lot of marketing for Avatar through Mickey D’s — the third most evil company in the world behind Disney and Walmart.

            I do like Terminator, and I’m ok with the theatrical cut of The Abyss.

            My geniuses reside in a more subtle world: Kubrick, Godard, Aronofsky, PT Anderson, Wilder, some others in my top top echelon.

            This might be the longest comment I’ve ever written, I’ve actually been trying to think of an angle to rant against Jim Cameron in my blog. My wife hasn’t seen Avatar yet, and its in my mailbox right now (I can feel the fluctuation in the force), perhaps I will use the viewing of Avatar to rant against the old boy at FRC.

            Oh, BTW, when I post morning and midday comments, I’m at work and loaded on caffeine, so please don;t mistake my gusto for any sort of antagonization.

          • Marc


            First off, get back to work:)

            Second, I love your opinions and your zeal for truly great directors. However being a film fan means that even though you may dislike someone like Cameron, you should be able to acknowledge (but no one’s forcing you to appreciate) the work he’s done as being influential as well as the success he has garnered…even if it’s not your cup of tea.

            Me thinks you prefer thought provoking/deep movies and their ambiguity rather than escapist or popcorn films that spell things out for the audience. Am I close?.
            Cameron may (and does) show us things that definitely force feed us his opinions on the matter. To some degree it can be insulting, but where as some directors are high and mighty because they sit in a little chair, Cameron can be high and mighty because what you’re seeing is all him. He’s in every facet of the picture/story/sound/visual. He’s a control freak but he puts out damn good movies regardless of the societal message and the way he markets it.

            Difference between Cam and Lucas, is that Cameron gets his audience and thinks about them, the characters and the connection between them. Admittedly Avatar was preachy, but his track record is pretty diverse and proven. George on the other hand (Raiders aside because a lot of that was Spielberg) is nearly a one trick pony who believes people want to see a nostalgia fueled movie that is meant to be enjoyed by an audience who is sitting on the floor playing their toys:P

          • Heather

            It is clear Ruben that he just isn’t your cup of tea. Kubrick and Aronofsky are up there for me as well, but I require a sense of diversity when it comes to my movies and Cameron provides that with a degree of intellect. I think Marc was spot on when he said Cameron puts himself out there and his films are all him love him or hate him for it. For me I have a huge sense of respect for that. He makes the movies HE WANTS to make and what his fans want to see (that would be me-he plays right into my soft spot) and entertains us and keeps us happy. For me, I’m not a huge Roman Polanski fan and am no fan of him personally but I respect his body of work even if it isn’t my bread and butter.

            Most of my rants are coffee induced. If later at night I’m guaranteed to have hit the sauce! Right now I’m going to go to the gym and work my agitation off, and besides Marc said everything I wanted to say anyway. 🙂

        • Marc

          Heather, your rants and reasoning make me smile. But I will never agree with or share your opinion on enjoying the prequels. However I do own them just so I can feel that my DVD “circle is now complete” ;P

          • Heather

            I understand that Marc. I own them, but seldom watch them. Actually the Phantom Menace was the worst of the three and I have watched it far more times than the other two. I guess it’s one of those things I’ll understand with time as I changed my mind about the holy trinity as well. Empire now being my absolute favorite while A New Hope was as a kid and Jedi as a teenager. However the original trilogy gets watched several times a year or I don’t feel quite human.

    • Marc

      Now now, Heather, thank you for your enthusiasm but you are starting to scare the patrons:P

      I fully agree that Lucas’ over explaining killed somethings. You’re right, it’s not deep enough to need explanation. But for as much as the fans gripe, moan and say things like “he ruined my childhood”, SW is Lucas’ baby. He can do what he wants and since more people love it than hate it, it’ll never go away or keep from changing and evolving (though most fans are wishing he would slow down a bit).

      Heather, have you watched the 70 minute Phantom Menace Review yet??