Signs of the Robot Apocalypse…

For a post this random, I would usually title it something like “And Now for Something Completely Different“.  Today I think this deserves to be titled “Run for your Bloody Lives“.  In a world where we are surrounded by computers and little gadgets that do all the thinking for us, these two videos are excellent examples of how quickly The Matrix can soon become reality.  Sure they’re cute now because they dance and are only about 12 inches tall but just wait til they are 12 FEET tall and have one mission: Enslave. Humanity.

As optimistic as I’d like to be, I hope these robots one day become as helpful as the ones in WALL-E, but all it takes is one wrong line of code or a programming error and then, to quote Bender Bending Rodriguez, “We’re boned“.  One good thing about Rob living in Japan is that he can give us a little advanced warning before we’re abducted for harvesting…or worse.

Hmm…I wonder if I should start becoming friends with anyone named ‘John Connor‘ just in case…

Did you notice how no one clapped at the end??  My guess is that they weren’t being polite…no, they were just too scared shitless to move after what they just saw.

And now for the ‘robotic’ straw that broke the ‘robotic’ camel’s back, I give you this glimpse of our future of impending ‘robotic’ anarchy…I couldn’t take any more past the 1:56 mark.

My humble suggestion??  Buy stock in any company developing portable EMP devices…pretty sure one of those and a Furby or two will be our only hope.  I’ve always had a  feeling that those crappy toys will come in handy one day.  You’ve been warned.


  • chubbybots

    Oh my goodness….definitely need to know a certain John Conner…
    That second vid is crazy!!!

    I am definitely rooting for robots to be coded like Wall E 😀

    • Marc

      Yeah, I really don’t hold a lot of hope for the future after seeing videos like these, but as sarcastic as I am, that first video really is amazing to watch.