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Sweet (and Spooky) Trailer…'The Cabin in the Woods'

Calling all you Whedon fans, have we got something for you. In 2009 Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard developed and completed an ambitious horror flick called The Cabin in the Woods. Playing up the stereotypical elements in a film about ill-fated teenagers, Whedon/Goddard set out to turn what has become a trite story (and, to an extent, genre) on its head. Unfortunately this film has been kept on a shelf all this time but it is now getting its long awaited debut. Check out this sweet trailer…if you dare!

It’s rare that trailers give me chills but from the looks of it Whedon/Goddard have something special here. Sure it starts out mundane and banal and then it reveals itself to be a dynamic story revealing layer after spooky layer. Also, I must say that the tagline is particularly brilliant. It’s always great to see a movie that looks at seemingly predictable plots from another angle (Tucker and Dale VS Evil is a good example) and show us something new. I’m 1000% sold on this and if the movie comes out to be even half as good as what we saw above it should still be a wild ride. Can’t wait to see what’s the Cabin has in store for us.

Starring a young (read: pre-Thor) Chris Hemsworth, Amy Acker, Anna Hutchison and more, including Richard Jenkins, The Cabin in the Woods has been set for release next Spring on April 13th, 2012. Firefly and Buffy fans will be all over this, but how about the rest of you? Does this look awesome to anyone else?? 


  • Andrew

    The poster really grabbed me at first glance, which was fodder enough to keep me intrigued. But getting the poster AND this trailer in the same week? Nutty. I really can’t state my excitement enough after watching that– this is nothing like the Evil Dead remake I was expecting at all, containing elements of that film but apparently synthesizing them into a much bigger, much crazier story.

    Ticket sold. I really can’t wait to get a chance to check this out.

    • MarcC

      Good call, that poster was rather well done. Simple but eerie. I like that fact that there’s so much more going on here and this just got kicked up way high on my 2012 Must See list. Can’t wait!