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Sweet Trailer…’Frontera’

Frontera Banner This year writer/director Michael Berry brought his passion project to Dallas for the 44th Annual USA Film Festival. His film, Frontera, is a slow-boil drama about a mistaken murder that revolves around an illegal immigrant looking for a better life here in America. We got to speak to Berry while he was in town (check out our interview here!) and discuss this heavy and layered narrative – one that has a lot more going on under the surface than on top of it.

We know how solid and emotionally taut the film is but now that the first trailer dropped we’re excited to see Berry’s film hopefully find a wider audience. Enjoy!

A former Arizona Sheriff’s wife is killed while riding on their Ranch property. It would appear a Mexican man crossing in to the US illegally is at fault. As former Sheriff and current Sheriff search for answers, lives are changed forever.

Frontera is the feature directorial debut for Michael Berry. It is co-written by Berry and Louis Moulinet and stars Ed Harris, Michael Peña, and Eva Longoria. Magnolia Pictures has scheduled Frontera for release on-demand this Summer on July 31st with a theatrical release slated for September 5th.