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Sweet Trailer…’The Interview’

The Interview Header It really is impressive seeing the lengths to which Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg will go in order to get a laugh. That said, The Interview has to be the most ambitious (and ballsy) picture of their careers. Even if the story is in jest this is pushing the limits…then again South Park does this (and worse) all the time so they’re not the most offensive “Western capital pigs” out there. But that’s what they do – they push boundaries – and you have to admire them for making comedy out of whatever they deem to be funny. After all these guys, having been raised on ’80s era comedies, are probably imagining what their heroes might have done to be as outlandish as possible.

So if you can’t laugh at an attempt to assassinate a fictional incarnation of Kim Jong-un, the president of North Korea (see, politics can be funny), then what can you laugh at? Anyway, have a look at the first trailer to The Interview.

Talk-show host Dave Skylark and his producer, Aaron Rapoport, score an interview with Kim Jong-Un, dictator of North Korea. But when the CIA asks them to kill Kim,they become the least qualified men to ever assassinate.

Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen direct The Interview from a script co-written by the duo and Dan Sterling. The film stars Rogen as well as James Franco, Randall Park, and Lizzy Caplan and Columbia Pictures has slated The Interview for release this Fall on October 14, 2014.