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Sweet Trailer…'Prometheus'

We don’t usually post on the weekend but as this is a trailer for one of G-S-T’s three most anticipated films of 2012 (and from SIR Ridley Scott no less) we are happy to bend the rules just  a little. For your viewing pleasure, behold, the first FULL trailer for the quasi-Alien prequel Prometheus

When it was first reported that Ridely would be returning to this universe it provoked both cheers and jitters from fans the world over. Most everyone on the planet would undoubtedly love to see the series righted after the recent disappointing and insulting installments. However, going back to the beginning is always worrisome because there’s a chance that, even with Ridely on board, you could end up with terrible book ends on either side of his 1979 masterpiece. But OMFG! If this trailer is any indication of the quality to be expected three months from now we are in for probably the finest and most epic film of 2012 (save for The Hunger Games, The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises that is).

Starring an insanely impressive and talented cast which includes Michael Fassbender, Charlize TheronIdris Elba, Guy Pearce, Noomi Rapace, Logan Marshall-Green, Rafe Spall and Patrick Wilson, Fox has slated Prometheus for release this Summer on June 8th 2012. What say you space jockey fans?? Does this look good to you?? Anyone not completely sold/intrigued????


  • Andrew Crump

    Hamina hamina, nyaaaah! Oh man this looks totally incredible. This could easily end up being the best studio movie of the year.

    On another note it finally hit me why Scott so profusely denies that this is an Alien prequel in interviews. I think he wants to make sure people don’t hear the comparison and then walk into theaters thinking, “oh, hey, yeah, Alien, that movie with the chest bursters and monsters, right, that sounds good!” Because it’s pretty clear that Prometheus, while part of the xenomorph mythos, isn’t going to be Alien. If anything it seems more focused on the Space Jockey. So I think Scott wants to avoid skewing people’s expectations.

    • RidgeRacer4

      True, best to call this what it’s not as early (and vehemently as possible). Plus he’s not someone who goes back on his work often so if he does it’s for a damn good reason/story and with something worth saying. That Space Jockey angle has been expanded upon for years (in the comics and countless fan pages). Love to see what Ridley’s (and Lindelof!!!) will say on the matter:)

  • Jaina

    I can’t express how much I am looking forward to this film. This trailer almost looks like it’s giving everything away, yet I can still tell, there’s a lot we’ll find out when we finally get to see it. Can’t bleeding wait!

    • RidgeRacer4

      Yes, I wouldn’t expect Ridley to give everything away. But with so much cool stuff jammed in this film you can’t possibly spoil it because we know what the heck is even going on right?:P