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Sweet Trailer…'Sleepless Night'

The first US, not to mention highly praised, trailer for Tribeca Film’s Sleepless Night has hit the web. Written & directed by French filmmaker Frédéric Jardin and co-written by Nicolas Saada, the film follows a police officer (played by Tomer Sisley) who gets mixed up with a night club owner/drug lord. When he’s double crossed and his son Thomas is taken hostage, he goes all out to rescue him, facing obstacles both good and bad, from Internal Affairs to the drug lord himself. There’s more quotes and praise than actual edge-of-your seat action but still, the sources quoted and the soundtrack make a good case for this even if it looks a little B-grade. I’m interested but have a look for yourselves…

Like Die Hard meets 24 by way of Taken“…that’s one of the more telling quotes I’d say. If it’s as good as everyone’s saying then this ought to be flat out amazing. So on that note it’s probably better that the trailer didn’t spoil much of the high octane action to be had. Consider this on the Go,See,Talk radar and good thing too because Tribeca Film will be releasing this to limited theaters on May 11th. But for those of you who are partial to your home theaters, Sleepless Night will be available on VOD/iTunes next month on April 17th, 2012. Whaddya think? Anyone on board yet? Also, does anyone know the music in the trailer??