Those of you reading this probably notice some significant changes. That’s because I’m testing out different themes and messing with settings. All should be resolved by July 4th…Just FYI:)


    • ridgeracer4

      Well, just like any remodeling, there’s quick fixes and then there’s major overhaul…we fall in the latter:)

      • rtm

        He..he.. no worries, Marc. I was going to comment on the design I saw a couple of days ago but it’s already changed now 🙂 Good for you for making some remodelling… I haven’t got a moment to spare to do that yet.

        • MarcC

          It takes a lot of trial and error to get it right and I think I’m half-way home. It’s coming along though…

        • MarcC

          If there’s a remodeling bug in the air, I think Castor got bit first and it’s wildly contagious:)

  • Steve

    Yeah dude! I tried on 5 different themes yesterday and just wound up deciding to tweak the one I already had. There’s something in the air about changing everyone’s look. I think it’s part Anomalous’ redesign, and part post LAMMY’S strategizing.

    Looking good! I’m still working out the kinks on ours.

    • MarcC

      Making the switch from to leaves more room for customization (which is what I really wanted), but that means it’s all me now…I know enough to be dangerous but I’m still out of my leauge:P

      • Luke

        Let me know where you go, because I was kind of interested in doing something that left you more customization as well and haven’t had a whole of luck shopping around.

        • MarcC

          I’m now with Little noticeable differences so far…but customization is much more plentiful. Haven’t got it all sorted out yet but I’m liking it so far. It took a few days just to understand how making a switch worked. But email me when you’re ready and I’ll share what I’ve learned. Reading endless posts and youtube videos didn’t help so I can help you through the fog of the initial steps.